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Jackson Mohsenin
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Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. We measure our success in the carbon reduction achievements of our customers. We are looking for team members who love product-building, want to work hard at a mission-oriented startup, and will collaborate with us in shaping the culture of a growing team.

We have offices in San Francisco and London and remote team members across the US and Europe. We hope that you'll be interested in joining us!

The role

The success of our customers depends on excellent design: Watershed is a power-tool for turning data into climate action and every detail matters. We are building software for businesses to understand their climate data, act on their insights, and communicate internally and externally about their progress.

To lead this work, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Has created excellent products that users love, particularly products that tame complexity with the right balance of simplicity and power.

  • Has a strong eye for visual polish.

  • Is customer-obsessed and excited to spend time with users.

  • Is an expert in some dimension of product design, visual design, or data visualization. With skill and familiarity across others.

  • Is skilled in designing for the web. Hands-on engineering experience is great but not necessary.

  • Is excited to go deep on climate and become an expert on the economy's paths forward. Prior experience in the climate space is not necessary.

  • Wants to join a startup, take responsibility for the fate of the company, and move fast.

Examples of things that you might work on next week at Watershed:

  • Design the first version of a tool to help users model the carbon reduction levers in their business.

  • Design improvements to the analytics and reporting features to help users go deeper in understanding their companies' historical emissions.

  • Crack the challenge of how to visualize climate data in an intelligible and motivating way. Implement those visual designs and give them to our customers to share on the web and as printed artifacts.

  • Talk to users to decide on upcoming product direction based on their feedback ("should we build X or Y or neither?").

  • Iterate on Watershed's public brand.

  • Work with the rest of the team to set overall company direction, sales goals, and hiring goals.