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Valley is building an AI SDR that can book meetings on LinkedIn and email for 10x less than hiring an agency or human SDR. Valley is built to take a cold stranger and turn them into a booked meeting.

This product requires that we offer onboarding flows for individuals, and companies, admin dashboards for companies, the ability to connect your LinkedIn & email, add new domains, view your LinkedIn and email inbox directly thru the platform, scrape data off public sources like LinkedIn and google, feed information through our proprietary pipelines on top of gpt4, generate sequences, send LinkedIn messages and email accurately and consistently, conduct conversations with prospects using a generated text, track open rates, responses rates, and booked meetings, and much more.

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for a developer who can own the v2 project. Look at our MVP - scope out v2 - plan - and mobilize a development team to begin building. We are looking for senior devs who have mapped and executed entire projects before. Strong design / architectural thinker is a plus.

Experienced In:

Frameworks - Nextjs, NestjsDB - Supabase(postgres) with Prisma ORM
Platforms - Vercel, Heroku
High growth B2B SaaS
Venture backed environments


Antler, Jason Calacanis, General Catalyst's Rought Draft Ventures, House Capital, and Transform VC


You leap. When you see something you find interesting - you jump in with full force

You don't clock in and out. When there's a fire - you are there with a hose. When there's a win - you are there with a piece of cake. When there is a loss - you rally the team and get to work.

You are responsive. You are available for your team when they need you.

You want to get shit done. Pretty simple :)

You celebrate the wins. Glass of champagne - a cold beer - you're there livin' it up

You bring passionate, contagious, and vibrant energy.
Good vibes = good momentum - good momentum = good startup.