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What problem are you solving?

In a nutshell, Recidiviz aims to accelerate earned releases for those incarcerated, prevent avoidable admissions, and reduce disparities. We partner closely with practitioners, advocates, and academics to elevate the efforts of other reformers in the ecosystem.

The United States incarcerates more people than any country in the world. Across the country, policies exist to help improve outcomes, but without the data in the hands of ground-level decision makers, they can’t reach their intended impact.

What is the product you’re building?

“In the age of information overload, the ultimate luxury is meaning and context.” — Louis Rossetto (1993)

Our products are always shaped by the perspective and experience of people impacted by the justice system in order to shape a fairer, safer, and equitable society.

Introduce us to your team

We are a small but mighty team of 3 designers with a diverse set of backgrounds from behavioral science to product and interaction design. We bring years of experience working at companies big and small.

What does your team's product development process look like?

Our process is ongoing and iterative to ensure that we are adapting our products to the real needs of both agency staff and communities impacted by the criminal justice system. Our process is not too different from what you might imagine:

  1. Identify pain points and areas of opportunity for building a safer, smaller, more effective system

  2. Design tools based on these specific needs, wrapped around existing workflows

  3. Validate designs with agency users and justice-impacted community members

  4. Track outcomes against goals to ensure effectiveness

  5. Iterate designs based on user feedback and impact metrics

Designers collaborate closely with the rest of the organization comprised of talented folks across software engineering, data science, and product strategy.

Where can we learn more about your team?

You can always check out our website or reach out to Juan directly.