Allison C.

Allison C.

Designer in Oakland, CA, She/her


Designer and artist, sometimes farmer and cook, based in Northern California. Interested in food and climate justice.

Select product design work available upon request.

Work Experience

2019 — Now

Product design, graphic design, image-making, writing, organizing, teaching, and more. Collaborating with community groups, artists, educators, organizers, and friends.

2022 — 2023
Founding Designer at Permanent

Designed platforms to help transition our world’s food systems towards local, short-chain, regenerative agriculture.

2019 — 2021
Oakland, CA

Designed digital services to deliver aid to low-income frontline workers.

2017 — 2018
Palo Alto, CA

Design tools to safeguard civil liberties and heighten institutional accountability.

2017 — 2017

Prototyped augmented reality experiences for the Mars 2020 Rover Mission.

2017 — 2017
San Francisco, CA

Explored speculative futures with the blockchain and distributed web.

2016 — 2016
Menlo Park, CA

Designed mobile tools to make the internet more affordable and accessible worldwide.

2015 — 2015
Mountain View, CA

Designed accessibility-first, touchless mobile payment experiences.


2019 — 2019

Artist and student in residence.