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Full time
Onsite or remote
Retirement contributions
Healthcare benefits
Mental health support
Wellness reimbursement
Unlimited PTO
Flexible schedules
Competitive salary
Paid parental leave
Chris Zehner
Onsite or remote


Technically, we’re working on these challenges:

  • Frontend — React, Typescript, Redux: Creating a beautiful user interface. We iterate on designs and don’t compromise until we have a great product.

  • Backend — Haskell, Yesod, Persistent: Integrating with services and third party APIs to accurately track financial data and make payments.

  • Operations — Nix, Postgres, AWS: Maintaining a stable, secure fleet of servers.

  • Mobile — Swift, Kotlin: We have native iOS and Android apps.

As a backend engineer, you’ll do things like:

  • Provide a backend to our mobile and web frontends, to do things like search transactions or send wire transfers.

  • Integrate with third party APIs, to do things like send checks or validate SWIFT codes.

  • Build admin tools, to do things like identify fraudulent customers or help manage accounts.

While you would primarily work with Haskell, you’d preferably learn enough React and TypeScript to construct simple admin pages. The ideal candidate has done full-stack or backend engineering before, and is familiar with or wants to learn about Haskell.