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Mercury Engineering

Mercury Engineering
Onsite or remote
Fight for simplicity
Nurture healthy debate
Be your authentic self
Delight customers
Challenging the status-quo

Open roles

Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote

Introduce us to your team

Engineering Culture

We're a team of 84 engineers. We like correctness, cross-functional communication, and Monopoly Deal.

Mighty DUX Team

The DUX team provides training & mentorship to engineers with zero Haskell experience. Our goal is to help make software engineering at Mercury awesome, fun, and productive! If you have anything that's bothering you or slowing you down, let us know so we can get you unblocked.

Engineers learn from a Haskell curriculum that's constantly being improved and can join weekly 1:1 calls to ask questions and receive help. The DUX team tackles technical debt so other devs don't have to.

Hack Days

At Mercury, everyone is involved in Hack day! Members from all across the company take a break from their normal routine to work on a creative and/or functional project of their choice. It’s the team's time to feel inspired, offer solutions, and show off their skills. Every individual at Mercury (not just the engineering team) is encouraged to join and connect with folks from all over the company in the process.

What values does your team share?

As engineers we...

  • strive to understand customer problems, and ideate on how we can not just solve them, but also create a great experience. We don’t just implement features that have been specced out by someone at ‘the top’ – we’re hired to have product opinions and voice them.

  • care about writing correct code. We use Haskell on the backend and TypeScript on the frontend, and leverage their language features along with our domain expertise to create the best reliable banking experience.

  • care about writing maintainable code. We aren’t siloed into owning certain parts of the codebase, and the engineering team is growing fast – understandable, well-documented, and simpler (when possible) code helps everyone be more effective.

What does your stack look like?

Backend — Haskell, Yesod, Persistent

Integrate with services and third party APIs to accurately track financial data and make payments.

Frontend — React, Typescript, Redux

Create a beautiful user interface. We iterate on designs and don’t compromise until we have a great product.

Operations — Nix, Postgres, AWS

Maintain a stable, secure fleet of servers.

Mobile — Swift, Kotlin

We have native iOS and Android apps.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Rebecca Skinner is a software engineer at Mercury, and author of Effective Haskell. She is passionate about teaching functional programming and helping the Haskell community.