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Senior Product Designer
Onsite or remote
Alfred Wahlforss
Alfred Wahlforss
Max Henningsson
Florian Juengermann
San Francisco or remote



Everyone hates surveys. They’re tedious to fill out and give shallow data. That’s because they’re only a proxy for the real thing: conversations. Through a conversation, you can ask follow-up questions and get deep insights in a way that’s fun for the interviewee. Except you can’t have 1:1 conversations with everyone…

Listen Labs has built an AI interviewer that can ask follow-up questions, like a conversation, but at the scale and ease of use of a survey.


Eng team includes:

  • Three IOI medallists

  • Senior Staff engineer

  • Previous companies are from Jane Street, Tesla Autopilot, Affirm


There’s been $30B+ of market cap created from bringing surveys online. Our partner at Sequoia, Bryan Schreier, was the first investor in Qualtrics – the $12B survey company.

We're looking for a contract / part-time product designer who's excited to build with us.