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Introduce us to your team

Todd Wilson

Founded in 2021 by designers Janos & Todd, Dokument is a small, remote team of specialists in Brand Strategy, Design & Direction.

Todd (he/him) has 12+ years as a travelled designer working across the globe. Originally from New Zealand, he cut his teeth designing for hospitality, beverage and fashion brands. He enjoys walking (the best form of transport & mediation) and failing at baking.

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János (he/him) has 10+ years of experience working as a designer in-house & freelance. Now focuses on strategy & creative direction. Enjoys being outdoors, watching videos about Japanese bakeries & finding new music for obscure playlists.

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What is your team mission?

Dokument's mission is to create distinctive brand solutions for purpose driven companies that are committed to making a positive difference to the future of people and our environment.

What values does your team share?

01 — People

We are committed to the well-being of our team and strive for a healthy balance between work and life.

02 — Quality

We believe time, space and commitment are necessary to create high quality work with lasting Impact. We don’t rush but instead, we put quality first.

03 — Collaboration

We are convinced that great work can only happen when talented people come together. Instead of transactional service exchange we aim to build long term connections.

What are your team's proudest accomplishments?

Seeing our partners grow & succeed with the help of our work makes us incredibly proud. Besides having worked with some of europe’s fastest growing brands, we’ve collaborated & shared a vision with companies across technology, healthcare, mobility & housing.

Some of our most recent highlights include:

  1. Launching our new studio website. From design, copywriting & development it’s all been handled in-house.

  2. Large scale branding projects, like the one we’ve done together with inne. Being involved in every aspect of the brand from strategy to rollout and working with a group of talented collaborators is what fulfils us.

  3. Kicking off our first self-initiated studio project, which is providing us with an opportunity to learn new skills and explore ideas outside of regular client work.

What does your team's product development process look like?

While each project is unique and requires a slightly adjusted process depending on timelines & specific deliverables our process usually consists of three steps: Discover → Define → Create

We've spoken to Off-Grid magazine about this - going into detail about every process step of a large scale branding project.

→ Read it here

What does a typical day in the life of your team look like?

Our days usually start around 9.00am with a quick huddle to make a plan for what everyone is working on that day and how we can best support each other.

After that, we'll jump right in to work on the projects we current have on. This can range from strategy to brand/web/graphic-design, art direction and more.

Around 1.00pm it's time to take a break. After lunch we're usually going for walk through the neighbourhood to give the eyes some rest from screens.

Afternoons are mostly spend with more project related work, like preparing presentations or taking calls with clients & collaborators. Between that, we're putting together proposals, creating content for social media or updating our website, before ending the day around 6.00pm.

How does your team promote personal well-being?

We take what we do very serious but never at the cost of our teams well-being. To avoid long periods of exhaustion, we generally don't agree to take on projects with super tight timelines and are looking for partners that understand this approach. Furthermore, the studio operates on a 4 day work week.

What design tools do you use day to day?

95% of our work takes place in these four apps. Figma is our go-to design tool for its collaboration features and ability to iterate fast on concepts, prototype ideas and so on. Everything else we do at the studio runs on Notion - it's our digital HQ for the business. We're big supporters of async communication so we use Loom very frequently to share client updates, presentations or just snippets from our lives in the home office. Slack is used for all other communication - we also find ourselves using it as bookmarking tool more and more.

What type of music does your team listen to?

How do we contact you?

Get in touch via if you’re looking for a partner to support you on your brand endeavours. If you're curious what else we're up to, browse through our growing collection of studio playlists or our channels where we collect resources & references.