Onsite or remote
London, GB
Dream big
Be kind
Embrace challenges
Work/life balance

What is the master plan?

Reinventing an entire software category isn’t easy.

We’re looking for the best and brightest to help us deliver amazing feats of engineering and bring a revolutionary new software product to market.

At Attio, we’re building the CRM of the future.

CRMs are at the center of the software stack for millions of businesses. They're ubiquitous and totally essential, yet current products are completely archaic, unloved and in massive need of overhaul.

This is software that millions of people use for hours and hours a day and you probably can't think of a single awesome piece of software in this space.

Lisa Cosme
Lisa Cosme
Engineering Manager
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen
Product Engineer

Introduce us to your team

Lisa, Julian, Róża, Tu, Michael, Sanja and Nick are responsible for Attio's design.

Only one of them is in this photo because we are normally quite busy having fun at off sites or working hard on complex design problems. But in general Attio people are happy together so we thought you should see some evidence of that.

The team are here on and always happy to chat.

What values does your team share?

One team, one dream.

We learn, grow and build for the future together. From wins to setbacks and everything in between.

Context over control.

We strive to create a culture based on impact where each individual has the ability to get things done independently. That means making sure that every team member has the right context they need to own their initiatives and make the right decisions.

Diversity, equity and inclusion.

We're dedicated to building a company that reflects the teams, communities, and world we're building for. We always seek to ensure that everyone at Attio is seen, heard, valued, and empowered to do their best work.

Quality over quantity.

Rather than try to solve every issue at once, we prefer to focus and solve a few problems exceptionally well. Quality is always our top priority.


Everything we build is for our customers. Every decision we make is to empower them, prioritize their needs and move the needle for their businesses.

Celebrate success.

Success is built through habits. The best way to ensure ongoing success is to give recognition to our accomplishments as a team and individual contributors.

Kindness and respect.

We always treat each other, our customers, and the outside world with respect, kindness and compassion, because it is the right thing to do. Kindness and respect lead to not only better outcomes, but also a positive work environment.

Challenge ideas, not people.

We’re building software that will change the trajectory of an entire category. As such, we’ve created an environment where we are free to bring new ideas to the table and iterate them until they flourish.