Designer & Entrepreneur in Amsterdam

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6 months ago

Product designer building digital products and helping startups to design beautiful applications. Founder Hey Mind.

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Work Experience

2023 — Now

I help startups create awesome products. Currently . Previously Invisibly, Señor Wooly, PF concept, Montessori Guidepost, L'Oréal, Roots of Progress and much more.

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2023 — Now

A mirror for the mind

2022 — 2023

With Invisibly you can read thousands of articles from publications like The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Miami Herald, Us Weekly, and more — in exchange for your data. Founded By Jim McKelvey (co-founder Sqaure)

2013 — 2022

Founder remote design agency

2016 — 2019
Creative Director at CloudsWork

Creative Director of e-commerce agency building b2b and b2c webshops.

2010 — 2013
Co-Founder at Perlude

Design studio of two building websites and brands for small businesses.


Hey mind v2 - A mirror for the mind

We stare at interfaces all day long—message apps, timelines, etc. Unfortunately, interfaces are quite boring these days because most of the apps look exactly the same.

Web3 is a new moment in time, which allows us to make it less boring. The core of web3 is that it gives more control to the users (ownership); interfaces should reflect this thesis.

Let’s dive in.


The current school system is facing a lot of obstacles. Many of these problems become the way for many startups who are trying to solve the failures of learning institutes.

in this post I write about our journey building a e-learning app

Side Projects


Explore the mind & talk to philosophers to better understand yourself and the world around you.


New side project where I build an (iOS) app that helps you explore your own mind. All current solutions are built around the idea of 'prescriptions' and self-help 'hacks', but I believe that you have to examine your own mind to learn more about yourself and the world around you.


upupland is a place to explore and learn more about web3. We create a database of web3 products and interesting learning resources to learn more about the future of the internet.

White paper for NFT DAO at Arteztic

Helping Arteztic write a whitepaper for building a DAO that curates NFTs that focuses on creating awareness around climate change. We won 3d place at Tezos Hackaton.

Moet Ik Rennen

Together with a small team, we build a public transport app that tells you if you need to run (or not) to catch your next public transportation. The app went viral after launch (45K downloads in the first week) and won several awards in the Netherlands.



We redesigned the teacher environment for an E-learning platform for one of our clients.


One of my responsibilities as Creative Director at Cloudswork was building a Webshop as a Service (WaaS) for the promotional product industry. We served many international clients (including fortune 500 companies) a tool to sell promotional products.


The current school system is facing a lot of obstacles. Many of these problems become the way for many startups trying to solve the failures of learning institutes. For six years, we helped this startup grow to more than a 1milion users building a product that is easy but also fun to use!


For an elderly home for artists, we redesigned their brand from the ground up. My main responsibility was being the creative director/designer.