Elena Marinaki

Elena Marinaki

Software Developer in London, she/her


Currently working as an Apprentice Software Developer at Companion Studio, London.


GraphQL API Endpoint at Companion

In Companion Studio we are building a react-native application, called `PairUp`. The goal of the app is to make mentoring more easily accessible through connecting mentors from various creative industries with mentees who would benefit from professional advice.

I am building a `GraphQL` **API endpoint** for users to **report any kind of abuse** in the platform.

Side Projects


Personal album I composed, produced, mixed and mastered.


A' Prize from International Conservatory of Athens

A' Prize in piano performance in the conservatory's yearly competition.

Work Experience

2018 — 2021
Piano Tutor at Marie De Bry Arts Academy

• Teaching Piano Performance and Music Theory for ABRSM Exams
• Preparing Students for concerts and other public events, e.g. master classes
• Piano accompaniment of other instruments, chamber music

2018 — 2020
Music Producer at Soho Sonic Studios

• Producing Music for artists, music libraries, gaming companies and advertisements
• Client management, such as booking, studio preparation and personal assistance
• PRS & Tracks Licensing, negotiating and ensuring artists’ and producers’ performance rights, accreditation & percentages


2015 — 2016
MA, Music Composition for Film & TV at University of Bristol

Grade: Distinction

Relevant Modules:
• Advanced Orchestration (67%)
• How Films & TV Programmes Work (78%)
• Professional Techniques (65%)
• Critical Analysis of Media Music (69%)

2009 — 2014
Piano Performance & Advance Theoretics Diploma at International Conservatory of Athens

Grade: Distinction & A' Prize

Relevant Modules:
• Piano Performance - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century Repertoire (10/10)
• Fugue Composition in the style of J.S. Bach (10/10)
• Counterpoint Vocal Composition in the style of Palestrina (10/10)
• Advanced Harmony of the 18th and 19th century (10/10)
• Choir Direction & Teaching (10/10)
• Orchestral Arrangement (10/10)

2007 — 2014

Grade: Very Good (7.09/10)

Relevant Modules:
• Implementation of Database Management Systems (9/10)
• Operating Systems (10/10)
• Risk Management in Education (10/10)
• Communication Networks (7/10)
• Mathematical Analysis (6/10)