Andrew Pouliot

Andrew Pouliot

ML Engineer in NYC, He/him


I make creative tools more magical

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2022 — 2023
2017 — 2018
2013 — 2016
Palo Alto, CA

Performance on Paper
Engineering Lead on Origami Studio

2008 — 2009
Portland, OR

iOS apps, including original Starbucks app



I worked on rendering for the cutaway animation (shaders, hacking scenekit, 3d modeling & fixup), and patina change animation


I led an effort to build a visual programming environment for UI designers that lets them express and iterate on gestural UI easily.

I enjoyed teaching classes to the newly hired designers, where I would learn what things were confusing and encourage a culture of helping each-other. I saw their skills grow as they pushed for ever more crazy features like camera capture and haptics, then pushed the limits of performance with huge prototypes.

Paper at Facebook

My work was almost exclusively on UI performance, so the app would stay at 60fps and gestures would feel smooth

Visual hitches happened with certain story types whose UI had lots of subviews, so I built tools that helped us fix it. They correlated data from the app with a video timeline of the device, or overlaid timing information for developers in debug builds

I also maintained the asynchronous UI framework now called Texture ( Back then it was just too expensive to lay out any amount of text on the main thread so we built up a virtual view hierarchy on a background thread, then materialized it later on the main thread.


Tried to play go with monte-carlo and neuroevolution techniques. Mostly failed.


Public introduction of Origami Studio



Invented a collage technique to increase pre-trained GAN output resolution