Introduce us to your team

Jordan Singer
Jordan Singer
Founder & CEO
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma
Founding Engineer
marco cornacchia
marco cornacchia
Founding Designer
Vincent van der Meulen
Vincent van der Meulen
Design Engineer

What is your team mission?

Diagram is a design tools company reimagining UI design in the era of generative AI. We’re a small team of builders, creatives, and prototypers looking to grow individually and together.

Our vision is to create radically powerful tools to improve the lives of UI designers and allow new people to design their digital world. Combining intelligent systems and tasteful execution, we think we can make design more fun, inclusive, and creative.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Jordan and Sidd built Airport, the best place to discover new TestFlight apps from developers.

What is the product you’re building?

Our first product, Automator, lets designers create their own automation tools, without writing code. Tens of thousands of designers and hundreds of teams are using Automator to speed up their design workflow. See this amazing site by @Marco Cornacchia about Automator in 2022!

We’re about to launch our second product, Magician, a collection of AI-powered tools that lets designers quickly prototype copy, glyphs, and images for their designs. It will soon solve previously intractable problems like automatically naming your layers, and add new capabilities you’ll help define, packaged as individual “spells” that can be prototyped and released quickly.

Our next product, Genius, combines the latest AI models and engineering to deliver an auto-completing smart assistant experience right within tools like Figma. We’re really excited about our progress towards “drawing boxes better” and would love to work with you on it.

We have a lot of exciting ideas for the future— our own UI-AI Glyphs model, Xdesign app, and more. Past experiments like Prototyper, UI Archive, and more show our unwavering commitment to build our ideas in public and push forward the field as a whole where we can.

What design tools do you use day to day?

What does your stack look like?


We ❤️ Typescript

  • React + Next.js

  • Tailwind

  • GraphQL

  • Node + Express + RPC


  • Swift + SwiftUI



  • pytorch

  • weights&biases

  • 🤗 hub / datasets / diffusers