Pol Moneys

Pol Moneys

mix Stories and Code in Barcelona, He/Him


Found out I love writing early, then came the internet...now I write for both humans and computers.



Degradados for meaning not aesthetics


Pegamento para interfaces / Glue for interfaces


React component to let users find their 'spot' in a 'map'. Repository on github github.com/polmoneys/hosp…

"Hospitality is not to change people but to offer them space where change can take place ..." - Henry Nouwen


Side Projects


Been doing websites for Friends & Fools & Family all along 🤝

Co-founder at Diegle

Diegle with Daya Muñoz 💘 dayasayshello.com/
lasted barely 1 year but it had lots of potential (think Snapchat filters a decade later, Apple 'memories' fotos...)


Work Experience

2020 — Now

Front end developer of the internal platform of a Swiss private banking and financial services company.
I've lead the front end team on shipping two new core features of the web app, the most complex so far.
Stack: React & Typescript front consumes a mix of REST and GraphQL API. Redux, MUI5, React Query...

2015 — 2020

With Aleix Perdigó and Jordi Moraleda we made ambitious web projects, apps and unique content, highlight:

For Novartis we crafted a gamification platform aimed at licensed medical doctors playing to be the best while learning about the latest 'papers' of their medical speciality.

Over the years we iterated the platform both in game mechanics/features and storytelling hosting thousands of players for different divisions inside the company.

In partnership with AppleTree communications, we were awarded GOLD (2015) and SILVER(2018) at Aspid awards, one of the main events for Pharma advertising.

Stack started with NodeJS, Angular 1, gulp, Sass, but early adopted React, Styled-components.

'Vibe' video

2014 — 2015

I wrote stories, ads, content, and experiences for brands. Andrés Reymondes was my lead.

2004 — 2008
Madrid / Barcelona

Copywriter paired with Jacobo Concejo (Art Director) at SCPF working for brands like BMW, IKEA, Vodafone, Vueling...Worked in Madrid office for almost 3 years then came back home to Barcelona.