Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

Product Designer in Dubai, UAE

Looking for a project that changes the planet for the better

A year ago

Product Designer from Moscow, currently living in Dubai

Side Projects


Since 2022, I have been developing my own cafe in our community in the Moscow region. At the moment, while in Dubai, I manage the cafe remotely, all processes are automated, the cafe has a very good team.

Work Experience

2019 — 2023

At Square Meter, I led a team of product designers (4 people) in the B2B Deal Desk, which brought the main income to the company. My functionality: designing interfaces for personal accounts for B2B and B2C — Mortgage Broker Service, Electronic Registration Service, Remote Document Signing Service, Online Deal service.

I was constantly involved by management in R&D projects: research and iterative prototyping of future services, which later turned into live products that earn money for the company. Also to key strategic partnership projects: Rosreestr, Govement Services, AEON Corporation.

In parallel, in the process of work, I introduced a new m2 design system, constantly finalizing the system of UI kit components.

2018 — 2019

Designing interfaces for the Wallarm web application ( Refactoring of the current (outdated) UX logic of the application, redesign of the old UI, introduction of a new UI kit, and in the process of creating a new Wallarm design system and its further implementation in the interface design process (system of components + system of tokens for synchronization with the frontend).

Toolkit: Jira + Confluence for task management and documentation, Figma + Principle, Sketch for interface design and prototyping, Webflow for fast iterations in prototyping

2018 — 2018

Development and design of interfaces for the project "Portal of Corporate Business" for VTB Bank.

My tasks included maintaining and prioritizing the task backlog, setting development tasks, preparing and conducting in-depth interviews with portal users, conducting usability testing and research, conducting a demo of the portal functionality for the client and stakeholders, and, of course, everything related to design, designing and prototyping interfaces, developing a design system, drawing layouts for current tasks, front-end design audit.

Toolkit: Jira + Confluence for task management and documentation, Axure RP + Sketch + Invision for designing and prototyping interfaces.

2017 — 2018

Creation of a design system for the MANGO OFFICE product line (UI-kit + Styleguide + preparation of a description of all system components together with analysts and development department).

Formation of design department, search for candidates, interviews. All current tasks for different products: website, CRM system, desktop app, mobile apps.

2013 — 2017

Management of the work of the design department of 12 people. Quality control of work and deadlines. Planning the work of designers and allocating resources for projects, technical coordination of the department. Developing and expanding the design department. Idea generation, creative concept creation.

Development of UI / UX key elements of the interface for Doctors' AWP and mobile applications, launching the migration process to a new, improved UI. Refinement of the style guide for KPI EMIAS and UI kit.

Participation in presale, interaction with the sales department in the work on potential projects (IDVP project). Development of corporate identity and identity elements for a consortium of Lanit Group, Vizex and Solit Clouds.

2011 — 2013

Work in Ilya Ruderman's team. Rendering design concepts for new sections of the RIA-Novosti website, banners, infographics. Website design for North-East Moscow Government Branch.

2010 — 2011

Design of the second version of the website for the Izvestia newspaper.

2008 — 2010

Design and layout of annual reports. Preparation for printing (prepress), color correction, transfer of layouts to the printing house.

2004 — 2008

Network and class support with iMac workstations, design software installation, technical assistance to teaching staff, print office employee. Work for part-time tuition at the British Higher School of Art and Design