Leland Foster

Leland Foster

designer in Providence, He/Him


10 months ago

digital designer

focusing on product/ux/ui/systems/internet/whatever people need me to focus on.

Stoked about mountain bike suspension , winter surfing, cooking everything in a wok I just bought

Work Experience

2021 — Now
  • Working on healthcare analytics, social platforms, and web design.

  • Focused on product/ux/design libraries/saying yes to projects

2023 — Now
Designer at Pre-Launch Social Platform
  • Optimized user journey with wireframes and prototypes

  • Collaborated on user experience and product strategy development

  • Designed product branding from 0 - 1 for all digital assets

2023 — Now
Freelance Product Designer at Healthtech Company
  • Built UI Component Library with adaptive charts, tables, and components all carefully documented for developer handoff

  • Built out robust prototype sales demos with responsive chart and table data

  • Led Click Path Testing to validate prototype and information story telling success

2023 — 2023

First Design Hire.

  • Led 0 to 1 design system build-out in Figma, resulting in 50% increased design consistency.

  • Collaborated with development team for seamless design handoff, reducing build time by 15%.

  • Conducted 10 user interviews as part of Bluesky feature research.

2022 — 2022
Design Technologist at Adelaide
  • Provided last mile design and development for a new Webflow platform, aiming to increase engagement 25% quarter over quarter. Leveraged Google Analytics for traffic pattern analysis.

  • Developed new lead scoring model in collaboration with sales and marketing to increase mid funnel leads by 20% quarter over quarter.

  • Designed and developed custom html email templates aiming to increase open rate by 15%.

2017 — 2022
Broker at Berkshire Hathaway
  • Collaborated with an analytics team to design and deploy robust physical and digital marketing campaigns to increase transactions 50% year over year.

  • Established cold outreach systems using customer resource managers to increase leads 60% year over year.



Built a website for a friends bicycle frame building business. Used Webflow, some custom animations, some fun lil fonts, and a friends incredible photos (shout out Eamon Queeny you're insanely talented)

Side Projects

Baltimore Trail Status

Building a website that allows mountain bikers in Baltimore to update and check the conditions of trails in the area.

This prevents riding on trails that should be currently closed due to flooding/downed trees, and preserves the condition of the trail for much longer.


2023 — Now
Boston, Massachusetts
  • Leading Volunteer Coordination for GenUX Convention, assisting in recruitment and delegation.

  • Collaborated on design and development for a website for GenUX convention.

  • Mentor/Mentee liaison for 7 groups of mentors/mentees for V.0 Mentorship Program.

2021 — 2023
Volunteer Coordinator at Baltimore Bicycle Works
Baltimore, Maryland
  • Led Volunteer Coordination for 30+ volunteers for Falkorburg Cyclocross.

  • Assisted with race registration, course set up and breakdown for other local bike races.


2022 — 2023
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