I'm a thoughtful product designer with over seven years of experience. I have worked at companies ranging from a seed-stage VC backed company, a mature start-up,  500+ person organization to a design studio.

I approach problems with a comprehensive lens and value championing for craft and visual expression in products with complex workflows.

When I'm not mapping out flows or pushing pixels while listening to bass-heavy beats, you can find me training at Rittisak Muay Thai, having outbursts of random strong opinions, and admiring beautiful skies in places all over the world.



A web application that facilitates all criminal justice agencies in publishing the Justice Counts metrics.


Led design for localization and platform-wide flows that spanned across multiple teams to bring Lyra to the international market in 2023. This project delivered inclusive and accessible mental health care to 19 countries in 12 languages and increase business win rate by 19%.


Contributed to designing foundational flows across the Foundry platform such as search, file navigation/organization and permissions.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

Using technology to undermine mass incarceration in the USA by preventing avoidable prison admissions, accelerating earned release, and reducing disparities.

2021 — 2023
Burlingame, CA

Designing for inclusivity and equity in workforce mental health care for 15 million users. Responsible for leading design on projects, collaborating closely with XFN partners, clinical stakeholders and clients, and setting precedence on processes and documentation for team scalability within Lyra.

2020 — 2021
Product Designer at Docusign
San Francisco, CA

Led design for a new product initiative while transitioning the legacy design style into an updated design system.

2018 — 2020
Product Designer at Consider
San Francisco, CA

Joined as a founding designer and designed experimental ways for people interact with email. Established foundational design system by collaborating closely with founders and other team members. Responsible for designing and releasing features on a weekly basis to bring product to market.

2016 — 2018
Palo Alto, CA

Contributed to designing core platform-level features on Foundry including search, navigation, permissions and file organization. Led design for a Foundry sub-product and was responsible for defining product direction, conducting user research and collaborating with engineers to release on a bi-weekly basis.


Communication Design and HCI at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA