Kat Miller

Kat Miller

Product & Design in Portland


Hi, I'm Kat. I'm a is a Techstars-backed founder and product designer specializing in 0→1 device experiences, from mobile to 10-foot UIs. My work is informed by research and analytics, guided by experience—and powered by the belief that beautiful, meaningful, and valuable products are the foundation of high-performing businesses.

For 10+ years, I've worked with companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune-tier enterprises. I've built products, defined brands, and solved challenges creatively before they became problems.

Work Experience

2022 — 2022
Portland, Oregon

4G Clinical is a growth-stage company backed by Goldman Sachs, focused on improving clinical trials' speed, accuracy, and safety.

  • Drove a UX study of the full portfolio of products, collaborated with engineering leadership to increase efficiency, reduce support requests, and improve onboarding.
  • Introduced design thinking into organization, resulting in increased resource and cost efficiency by founding design.
  • Implemented the company's first design system to unify the existing brand and products, boosting consistency and professionalism.
  • Improved investor collaboration and executive leadership productivity by developing a framework for all board and shareholder communications.
2013 — 2021
Partner, Design at Tiny Creative
Portland, Oregon

Tiny Creative was an independent product design studio focused on supporting 
early-stage startups.

  • Provided end-to-end mobile product design and management services that 
increased engagement and retention and product-market fit.
  • Modernized shipped products with current UX/UI and accessibility practices.
  • Collaborated with CEOs on pitch decks that raised over $300M.
2013 — 2015
Co-founder, Head of Product at Stand In
Portland, Oregon
  • Founded and led a Techstars-funded startup that created a prototyping platform to help companies design, build, and ship device experiences.
  • Drove our product's short-term feature development and long-term vision by establishing our roadmap and evolving feature releases.
  • Interviewed 100+ designers and product teams to understand their needs and, balanced with our vision, transformed their insights into product requirements.
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty by building practical documentation and sample files to unblock issues or offer workflow support.
2011 — 2013
Art Director at Citizen, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
  • Led the UX & Visual Design team working with Fortune-tier enterprises, including Intel, AT&T, and Samsung, on product management and end-to-end product design services.

  • Mentored and trained designers new to product design.

  • Conducted design thinking workshops to identify areas for product experiments and opportunities.

2011 — 2011
Austin, Texas
  • Worked on a team of product designers and engineers building software for Dell's emerging line of mobile devices.

  • Collaborated with hardware designers and external engineers to launch device-specific experiences centered around work and home life.

  • Designed and built wireframes, user flows, rapid prototypes, high-fidelity UIs, and production assets while coordinating with engineering for development, QA, and launch.

2007 — 2010
Design & Art Direction at Various Organizations
Washington, D.C. & Austin, Texas

Provided design and art direction for Fortune-tier enterprises, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, startups, and creative agencies.

Founder Panel at Techstars


2020 — Now
Portland, Oregon
  • Founded a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that supports infants and their families through extended hospital stays.

  • Designed, built, and launched technology solutions and evidence-based wrap-around services for families.

  • Identified, analyzed, and developed close relationships with stakeholders in the unique field of hospital-focused medical charities.

  • Developed strategic brand partnerships in the baby and consumer goods spaces to facilitate in-kind donations and other collaborations.


2014 — 2014
2003 — 2007
Savannah, Georgia

Artistic Honors Scholarship (2003-07)