Dima Grinkevych

Dima Grinkevych

🇺🇦 Software Designer in Halifax, UK

Multidisciplinary software designer with prior experience in brand design and marketing.

🤙🏻 Message me with anything you are passionate about.


Design System at Exsportia
Customer Mobile App at Exsportia
2017 – 2022 Archive
Web-platform for DropX

Lead web design development for DropX — a hypebeasts' retail and resell marketplace.

Side Projects


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Work Experience

2017 — Now
Occasional freelance Software & Brand Designer at grinkevych.com
2021 — 2023
  • Shaped and sustained the design system.
  • Designed client-side app and web.
  • Created team's Notion: global directory, tasks board, knowledge base, brand glossary, etc.
  • Made a UX-writing guide for the design team.
  • Improved visual brand and web assets.
2021 — 2021

• Conceptualised and delivered a major ExpertBox website and design system update.
• Drove the design team’s transition from Sketch+Abstract to Figma.
• Contributed to the Discovery and Prototyping phases of the Kansas WIC web service.

2019 — 2020

• Cultivated the recently updated Star brand identity with art director Dima Humeniuk.
• Took ownership over editorial and web tasks.

2018 — 2019
Kyiv, Ukraine

• Streamlined and optimised the workflow of the digital design team.
• As a team, we helped the brands to be understood on social media, developing strategies and visual communication. We worked with the UN, Fedoriv, Saga Dev., etc.
• Created and implemented design standards and guidelines.

2013 — 2016

HNDWD was a creative project I worked on as a creator, designer and project manager. Our collective produced handcrafted goods and digital assets.

I started the blog as a bet with a friend in my graduation year, raised it from 0 to 44000 subscribers by spending $2 in total on advertising, and then sold it in 2016.


Web design 101 at WBA 2021
Estiem Global


Imaginary friends die here
Gymnasium 136, 2nd floor.

In 8th grade, I made a cardboard plate saying "Imaginary friends die here". It was placed above the door to the psychologist's office.

The exhibition by the anonymous artist was a great success. The social dilemma question remains open. A piece of art was dismantled by one of headteachers the same day. The further story of the item remains unknown.

Medium: cardboard, marker, double-sided tape

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