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Work Experience

2018 — 2022
Remote • Freelance • Full-time

Oquant (USA based) is a AI company pioneering Data Commerce end-to-end software for everything that’s data. I cover a vast field of design work such as interface design, user experience, illustrations, 3D visualizations, icon design, logo design and prototyping. I've worked on a major website redesign and the company's branding identity. (currently under NDA)

2016 — 2022
Multidisciplinary Designer at Freelance

I've been working for AI and FinTech startups in which I was responsible for the design of management platforms, CMS dashboards, mobile applications both iOS & Android, marketing websites, branding identities and graphics.
Nonetheless, I also worked for educational institutions, organic food companies, companies in the beauty sector etc. In all the above mentioned organizations I collaborated with designers, engineers and CEOs in order to successfully build a better product.

2019 — 2021
Remote • Full-time

I was hired by Prüvit (USA based) in order to work directly with the Tech team. The aim was to redefine their Web and mobile experience. I have built complete design ecosystem and component libraries which are widely adopted across their main products.

— Building Design Language
— Rapid Prototyping
— Doing User Flows
— Doing Personas

— Building & organizing a design system

— Native Android & iOS applications available on Google Play Store, Apple Store (Prüvit Pulse, Prüvit Every Day)
— Marketing websites

2017 — 2019

eCollect is a fast growing FinTech enterprise in which I transformed the complex financial data into easy to understand and clean components. I did a major redesign of an old management platform. I was able to work on designs for data analytics to complex dashboard designs (management platform, team backend platform) and marketing driven websites.

— Building Design Language

— Building & Organizing a design system
— Rapid Prototyping
— Doing User Flows
— Doing Personas
— Illustrations & Icons

— CMS Dashboards
— Marketing websites

Side Projects

SaaS tool at Oblik Studio

Built a Software as a Service (Saas) tool that will help creatives to gather feedback and opinions about their work. My mission was to simplify the feedback and opinion gathering processes online-ask-answer-analyse.

Product & Visual Designer at Oquant Inc.

I covered a vast field of design work such as interface design, user experience, illustrations, visualizations, icon design, logo design and prototyping.

CMS Dashboard at AdSuisse

AdSuisse is a Swiss company that is focused on AI and machine learning services. I had the opportunity to build
CMS and create custom minimal icons with one more design buddy where we had to deal with a lot of data.


Liveium is on the cutting edge of technological advancements aimed at improving your health and wellness.


2021 — Now
Awwwards Young Jury at Awwwards


The process of product design at The Art of Creation
American University

I had the great opportunity to talk about the process of product design in front of students studying at the American University.