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I specialise in UI/UX & Web Design, with a focus on visual design & no-code tools.


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Work Experience

2022 — 2024

Limbic is the only AI mental health company with Class IIa Medical Device certification, meaning it's the most advanced e-triage and therapy assistant on the market.
As a designer at Limbic, my expertise spans a broad spectrum of design work, from interface design and user experience design to illustrations and visualizations. By collaborating closely with other teams within the company, I am able to gain valuable insights and perspectives that inform my design approach.
One of my key contributions to the company is the re-building of our website using Framer Sites. This platform empowered us with a fast and intuitive design process, enabling us to quickly prototype and iterate on different ideas. With its extensive array of interactive features and animations, we are able to create a more engaging and dynamic user experience that truly reflects Limbic's innovative and forward-thinking approach to mental health care.

2018 — 2022
Remote • Freelance • Full-time

Oquant (USA based) is a AI company pioneering Data Commerce end-to-end software for everything that’s data. I cover a vast field of design work such as interface design, user experience, illustrations, 3D visualizations, icon design, logo design and prototyping. I've worked on a major website redesign and the company's branding identity. (currently under NDA)

2016 — 2022
Multidisciplinary Designer at Freelance

I've been working for AI and FinTech startups in which I was responsible for the design of management platforms, CMS dashboards, mobile applications both iOS & Android, marketing websites, branding identities and graphics.
Nonetheless, I also worked for educational institutions, organic food companies, companies in the beauty sector etc. In all the above mentioned organizations I collaborated with designers, engineers and CEOs in order to successfully build a better product.

2019 — 2021
Remote • Full-time

I was hired by Prüvit (USA based) in order to work directly with the Tech team. The aim was to redefine their Web and mobile experience. I have built complete design ecosystem and component libraries which are widely adopted across their main products.

— Building Design Language
— Rapid Prototyping
— Doing User Flows
— Doing Personas

— Building & organizing a design system

— Native Android & iOS applications available on Google Play Store, Apple Store (Prüvit Pulse, Prüvit Every Day)
— Marketing websites

2017 — 2019

eCollect is a Swiss fast growing FinTech enterprise in which I transformed the complex financial data into easy to understand and clean components. I did a major redesign of an old management platform. I was able to work on designs for data analytics to complex dashboard designs (management platform, team backend platform) and marketing driven websites.

— Building Design Language

— Building & Organizing a design system
— Rapid Prototyping
— Doing User Flows
— Doing Personas
— Illustrations & Icons

— CMS Dashboards
— Marketing websites

Side Projects


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Coordinape on a side project aimed at improving the user experience of their application. In this collaboration, my colleague and I worked together to design a new design library that would help to improve the application's overall look and feel. Together, we brainstormed and iterated on different design concepts until we arrived at a library that met the project's requirements and aligned with Coordinape's brand. Additionally, while my colleague took the lead on the UX aspect of the project, we both made critical UX decisions together that helped to improve the usability of the application. By combining our skills and collaborating effectively, we were able to deliver a final product.

SaaS tool at Oblik Studio

Built a Software as a Service (Saas) tool that will help creatives to gather feedback and opinions about their work. My mission was to simplify the feedback and opinion gathering processes online-ask-answer-analyse.

Product & Visual Designer at Oquant Inc.

I covered a vast field of design work such as interface design, user experience, illustrations, visualizations, icon design, logo design and prototyping.

CMS Dashboard at AdSuisse

AdSuisse is a Swiss company that is focused on AI and machine learning services. I had the opportunity to build
CMS and create custom minimal icons with one more design buddy where we had to deal with a lot of data.


Liveium is on the cutting edge of technological advancements aimed at improving your health and wellness.


2021 — Now
Awwwards Young Jury at Awwwards


The process of product design at The Art of Creation
American University

I had the great opportunity to talk about the process of product design in front of students studying at the American University.