Dahlia Foo

Dahlia Foo

Researcher/Developer in Tasmania

exploring AI and building summarizooor a chrome extension that helps you summarise stuff you read on the web!

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I work part time as a web developer and a marine predator research associate.

In my spare time I'm either training jiu jitsu or learning more code to improve my frontend development skills.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Hobart, Tasmania

I turn figma designs into real wordpress websites for clients.

2020 — Now
Adjunct Researcher / Research Associate at University of Tasmania
Remote/ Hobart Tasmania

I help manage and do fieldwork for a new project that aims to collect baseline data on marine predators in the Tasman Fracture Marine Park. I also help with teaching and demonstrating (tutorials/practicals) for marine science related subjects.

In the past, I've also help write reports and literature reviews for contract-based assignments.

2015 — 2020
PhD Candidate at Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
South Australia / Tasmania

Studied the seasonal variability in foraging behaviour of lactating long-nosed fur seals from Cape Gantheaume, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Captured, tagged and deployed various bio-loggers onto adult female fur seals.

2018 — 2020
Campbell Island, NZ

Monitor and collect data of New Zealand sea lions on Campbell Island. Some tasks include: daily counts, flipper tagging, microchipping and measuring pups.

2019 — 2019
Research Consultant at New Zealand Department of Conservation

Write up field trip and technical working group meeting reports, and revise/create internal fieldwork documents and manuals.

Side Projects


Build a website for the IMAS MPred Lab to generate more awareness and engagement in the lab's research.


Summarize any webpage with a single click

🫡 summarizooor is a time-saving tool for busy people and curious minds!

This tool lets you easily generate great summaries in seconds so you can quickly get the key ideas and takeaways from any text and spend less time reading!


noicenft aims to help users easily track new listings on OpenSea and identify undervalued nfts to flip with the help of data.



A googlesheet dashboard to help teachers easily know if their assessments (tests) meet the syllabus requirements and are pitched at an appropriate level.

  • Re-design and optimise website for Singapore chiropractor to drive more new patient bookings

  • Set up Facebook/Instagram ads to increase new patient bookings

  • Manage and create content for social media accounts to improve brand awareness



2015 — 2020
PhD in Biological Sciences at University of Tasmania
2014 — 2014
Bachelor in Marine Science with 1st class honours at University of Tasmania
2011 — 2013
Bachelor in Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies at University of Tasmania



I did a video poster presentation for Session 6: Marine Extreme Events: Impacts, Forecasting, and Risk Management


Australia New Zealand Marine Mammal Conference

Capturing the impact of extreme weather events on the survival of endangered New Zealand Sea Lions at MPred Symposium
Hobart, Australia

A local symposium about marine predator and seabird research.


Drone Remote Sensing and Mapping at University of Tasmania

Credential ID: 46271611

4WD and Defensive Driving Course at Performance Driving Australia

MASUP236B Operate vehicles in the field
RIIVEH305D Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) at Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority


2015 — 2016
Long-nosed fur seal annual pup census at South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Helped with mark-recapture to get pup production numbers

2014 — 2014
Australian fur seal monitoring at Deakin University
Kanowna Island

Stayed on a remote island and counted fur seals every day.

2013 — 2013
Zooplankton research fieldwork at University of Tasmania

Went out on a research vessel and learned some ocean sampling techniques

2012 — 2012
Quoll research fieldwork at University of Tasmania

Helped set up camera traps

2012 — 2012
Marsupial research fieldwork at University of Tasmania

Used some photogammetry techniques