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Interviews and stories with friends of 🌱


Interview with Lisa Oreshkina and Eteri Saneblidze

If you're not already familiar, The Breakfast App is a new app for meeting other creative people over, well, breakfast. It's not dating, not networking, just breakfast. In the interview we chat about their background, how the pair met, and what it was like founding a startup for meeting IRL during a pandemic.

Interview with Nathan Sharp and Ryan Olson

While most social media incumbents have pivoted into focusing on creators and entertainment, Retro is a beautiful new photo sharing app with a focus on sharing with close friends and family. We sit down with the Retro founders Nathan Sharp and Ryan Olson to learn more about their inspiration for the app and where it's going.

Interview with Scott Savarie

Scott Savarie is a designer, engineer, and partner at Logic + Rhythm. Today we sat down to ask him a few questions about his background in design, how L+R came about, and the exciting launch of their new tool for keeping design teams in sync, Current.

Interview with Dennis Müller

We catch up with Dennis Müller, founder of Amie, and have quick conversation with him about his inspirations, team building, and Amie.

Interview with Adam Eastburn

We sat down with Adam to get some of his thoughts on working with us as an illustrator, the current state of design, and show off some of the amazing work he has made for us.