brandon lucas green

brandon lucas green

Product + music in central MA, he/him

Finally back to recording some new music - stay tuned.

A year ago

Product & music guy. I make stuff and help people navigate the messy parts of product work. I live and work in central Massachusetts with my wife, daughter and doggo.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2021 — 2022

I lead a team of PMs, engineers and designers building the internal experimentation platform used across Wayfair. We develop the tools and infrastructure to enable experimentation, and collaborate with data scientists and analysts to raise the bar for good testing.

2019 — 2021

I helped Abstract level up its platform for enterprise scale, and then led the discovery, initial development and go-to-market for its Notebooks product.

2015 — 2019
Boston, MA / Berlin, DE

I was a PM for Wayfair's internal supply chain APIs, focused on enabling express delivery programs and creating internal visibility around delivery costs. I then spent a year squarely focused on this for Wayfair's EU business, spinning up a team in our Berlin HQ. After returning to the US, I then led product development & discovery on two customer-facing features: Favorites and Room Planner.

2012 — 2015
Cambridge, MA

Anything and everything product for an early-stage two-sided marketplace for one-of-a-kind goods.

2010 — 2012

Side Projects


I write, record and release music. 4 albums released so far, one in progress. Genre is hard to pinpoint, but generally piano-driven alternative pop/rock.


I made a group of iOS shortcuts to help me keep track of stuff around my house without Bluetooth trackers.


A short run podcast about product management, and our struggles personally and professionally while doing it.


Location-driven social music app. Advised on product strategy and UX/flows.



I composed this during my senior year of college, with advisement from Mike Frengel, as an excuse to fiddle around on a bass guitar, and it turned into one of my more interesting works.


A composition for tape composed during the fall of 2009 with advisory from Prof. Ronald Bruce Smith at Northeastern University. Source sounds for the piece include various screams, moans, cries, whips, slaps and choking sounds, sounds that are considered gross or deviant according to social custom, but are ever-present in people’s private lives.



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