Ale Muñoz

Ale Muñoz

Designer in Madrid, Spain

I’m Ale Muñoz. I’m a designer with 25+ years of experience. You may know me as “the Sketch plugins guy”, but during my professional career I’ve worked at almost all the stages of the product lifecycle.

I love bikes, trail running, and coffee. My favorite color is orange, but I can use others too.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. Yet up to 50% of drinking water is *lost* on its way from treatment plants to customers’ homes.

Qatium is a digital water management solution that helps small and medium-sized utilities and water professionals manage their networks, using state-of-the-art simulation models.

I lead the Collaboration initiative at Qatium, as a hybrid product management / product design role. I also use my design experience to improve the design practice at a developer-centric organisation, trying to unite both disciplines.

2014 — 2022

I joined Sketch as its seventh employee.

From day one, I helped the company scale, finding opportunities in our organization and turning them into company functions. I jumpstarted disciplines inside the company, like QA, Research, and Customer Advocacy.

I also actively contributed to defining and spreading the company culture long before we had a People team.

Being part of a mostly flat hierarchy, I was able to flex my lateral leadership muscles, helping team members solve internal challenges and conflicts.

My public-facing achievements include:

  • helping set the product direction in its early stages, using my experience working with large design teams to find ways to make the tool fit existing workflows.
  • creating and growing the plugin developer community and scaling it into a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

More recently, I became the Product Manager for a future new Plugins system (which, sadly, has been discontinued).

2011 — 2014
Madrid, Spain

I joined Designit Madrid to elevate the Design practice at the company and lay the foundations for sustainable growth, both in headcount and work quality.

During my time there, I launched many practices still in operation now, like regular design critiques or pair design sessions. I mentored designers to develop their skills and careers both inside the organization and outside of it (I like to play a very long game when it comes to career development).

I used my previous experience as a product designer to incorporate agile techniques and work processes into our design offering, in some cases radically improving our ROI and time to market.

2010 — 2011

Bebanjo’s mission is transforming the international Video On Demand industry from the inside, creating tools that improve content management and distribution.

I joined as their first product designer and took that as an opportunity to get familiar with agile workflows and techniques (in particular, pair programming was a revelation for me).

I also sharpened my “design with code” skills and learned how it feels to work in a small high-performance team.

2006 — 2010
Madrid, Spain

The Cocktail is one of Spain's most prominent and influential digital agencies. I worked as a digital designer in a hybrid visual / UX / coding role. I became a reference for other designers inside and outside the company and learned to work alongside a talented development team.

I participated in design projects for enterprise customers (banks, telcos, media), some of which won design industry awards in Spain.

1996 — 2005
Designer and Design Manager at Multiple Companies

I wanted to keep this short, but I’m more than happy to share stories about my time leading a design team during the Dotcom crash in 2001, building an online game for children at my own startup, or working for the adult entertainment industry. Just ask!


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Hamburg, Germany
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Sketch Fusion is a tool to merge Design System documents.


A series of five blog posts describing the possibilities of working with Sketch’s Open File Format.


A Sketch Plugin to migrate Layers and Styles to use the new Color Variables feature in Sketch 69.


A Sketch Plugin to easily grab images from Unsplash. Developed in collaboration with Unsplash as their official integration with Sketch.


A Sketch Plugin that automatically compresses SVG assets using SVGO at export time.

Side Projects


A community for Sketch Plugin developers. I was responsible for installation, hosting, maintenance, administration and moderation of the forum.


Sketch Commands is a port of Orange Commands to Sketch.

It served as a learning exercise and a testing ground for the Sketch Plugin API (which Sketch developers documented on-demand as I asked for things I needed).


Orange Commands was a collection of scripts for Adobe Fireworks, designed to ease the work of digital designers.

I learn a great deal about product management and customer feedback with this project. In particular, one of my favourite lessons about how dogfooding is not the panacea we think it is:…


Created and managed the TextMate Spanish mailing list

TextMate ActionScript Bundle

Created and maintained the ActionScript Bundle for TextMate.


Created and maintained an open source code editor for ActionScript. It brought me lots of joy (and recognition in the ActionScript community) and it was featured in multiple Flash books and online articles.