Baptiste Briel

Baptiste Briel

Creative Technologist in Amsterdam, Netherlands


I'm helping brands leverage technology to create digital experiences that resonate with both audiences and business objectives.



Unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Michael Mann's new Ferrari movie, adding this project and partnership with film powerhouse NEON in Antinomy's theatrical entertainment portfolio.


With the aim of facilitating widespread adoption of blockchain technology, MetaMask collaborated with Antinomy to create an unparalleled digital platform dedicated to educating people about Web3.


Inspired by ‘Pearl’ and the world of ‘X’, A24 presents a collection of X-rated American stag films from the early 20th century for your viewing pleasure.


Yuga Labs, creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and home to Crypto Punks, Otherside and others. Antinomy created a site to showcase their work and how they are shaping web3.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Talked with Paul Bouisset and Gwen Bogaert at the Awwwards 2023 developer session in Amsterdam. Our talk was about Antinomy's approach to headless CMS and eCommerce using Shopify.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I gave the very first developer session at Awwwards 2020 in Amsterdam. My talk was about animating on the web.

Work Experience

2019 — Now
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Antinomy is a multidisciplinary digital creative studio based in Amsterdam. We create immersive digital spaces that are challenging the ways people interact with brands. Our clients includes A24, Apple, Microsoft, Yuga Labs, VISA and others.

2017 — 2018
Los Angeles, CA

As a creative developer, I manage projects and team ressources for interactive and visual websites in the film and video games industry, for prestigious clients such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, A24 and Riot Games.

2015 — 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a front-end developer at Build in Amsterdam, I was in charge of building and maintaining web projects and collaborating with a team of 10+ international designers and developers.

2011 — 2015
Nantes, France

I’ve been hired in 2011 by Sparkk to join their team as the first employee. In a small (3 people) agency, I’ve had to collaborate closely with the founders to work on web projects for different agencies (Fabernovel, Spintank, Hellohikimori) and clients like Canal+ or Rolex.




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