Jakub Zegzulka

Jakub Zegzulka

XR Designer in Los Angeles, CA, US



Playbook XR

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Research & design of new interaction patterns, features & product direction.
  • Prototyping POCs in Unity.
  • Analysis and continuous iteration of the current functionality and interactions.
2019 — Now
  • Led design of the digital products (web, mobile app, brand) at Undout, and after a successful fundraising campaign, delivered a fully working alarm clock to 220 customers. Afterwards, I spent time on user research and iterations on the initial MVP.
  • Designed the first MVP version of a browser extension Verifee with a focus on product, interaction and visual design. Furthermore, designed a new landing page.
  • Designed a new product website for XTND — spent time on user research, market research, prototyping and testing different variants with a strong focus on providing a well-constructed description and communication of the product with a clear value
    proposition to increase conversation rates. Moreover, I delivered an improved cart flow.
  • Redesigned a city routing planner mobile app Fuzee with a focus on interaction design and an improved overall user experience.
2020 — 2022
San Francisco, CA, US (Remote)
  • Redesigned a mobile app for Wondr (with 220k new participants annually) — came up with a new design system in Figma, UX, interaction and visual design, spent time on market research and product growth projects leading to a 75% increase in users using the mobile app instead of web app and 84% success rate of losing weight.
  • Designed a new integration flow for Zero Fasting, helping users to connect Oura, Fitbit and Dexcom, leading to increased retention.
  • Ideated and designed an onboarding growth experiment for Zero Fasting to increase activation rate.
2021 — 2021
London, UK (Remote)
  • Developed several acquisition landing page experiments leading to increased activation rates.
  • Designed a prototype on UserTesting.com and conducted user research on the whole acquisition flow, which revealed downfalls and helped promote research culture in the company and question many assumptions.
  • Shipped a better performing version of an acquisition quiz based on the user research findings and data analysis.
2021 — 2021
Brno, Czechia (Remote)
  • Designed a prototype of a new fare lock feature, which was implemented into a flight checkout flow and resulted in a 12% open and 3% usage rate, which proved the viability of this feature and led to a bigger project of developing a fully working feature.
  • Ideated and designed several mobile app star rating growth experiments for Android and iOS to increase the number of people who rate Kiwi.com with a good rating.
  • Designed a new flight check in feature for Android and iOS native flows using the Kiwi.com Orbit design system to provide users with a more effective flow instead of a web-view and eventually increase retention and user satisfaction.
2020 — 2020
Prague, Czechia
  • Designed a new onboarding checklist to increase activation rates.
  • Designed a processing waiting screen to decrease user drop-offs during this process.
2019 — 2019
Prague, Czechia
  • Designed an entirely new concept of a parental control child app, supported by a whole design process consisting of research, information architecture, wireframing, design, prototyping and user testing with real users with the main focus on product and visual design.
  • After four months presented the project to the Head of Design at Avast and the design team, leading to increased awareness around possible downfalls while designing parental control products, especially the children s experience.
2018 — 2019
Ostrava, Czechia / Remote
  • Designed a new website & brand for a construction company DevCompany.
  • Worked on a number of concepts of apps and websites, for example, barbershop website design, restaurant food ordering and table reservation mobile app design.


2022 — Now
Pasadena, CA, US

Focus on Prototyping, Interactive Art, and XR.


2023 — 2023
Cambridge, MA, US
  • Helped to develop a WebAR 8thWall hologram experience, which was part of the future constructors path.
  • Helped as on-site organisation support of an event with more than 350 participants, provided help to mentors from companies like HTC, Qualcomm, Ultraleap, ShapesXR.
2020 — 2021
  • Created a collection of resources on how to build and maintain effective remote teams in response to COVID-19.
  • Developed the website in Webflow and created the illustrations using Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop.
2020 — 2021
Organizer at Startup Weekend Prague
Prague, Czechia
  • Helped organise Startup Weekend Prague 2020 with more than 60 participants as onsite support (welcoming people, ensuring everyone was where they were supposed to be on time, and providing support to mentors).

  • Organised national remote Czech Startup Weekend 2020 with more than 55 participants in the role of tech lead (taking care of the whole stream system - a video stream of the facilitator, recordings, connecting mentors with participants).


Design Systems, Responsive, Prototyping at Figma Academy
Basics - HTML, CSS, JavaScript at SheCodes
Design Thinking: The Beginner s Guide at Interaction Design Foundation
Unity Essentials at Unity
C# Junior Programmer at Unity
Interaction Design Foundation at How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality
Learn JavaScript at Codecademy
Insights for Innovation at IDEO U


Speech at LinkedIn Summit CZE
Prague, Czechia


TOP 3 High Schooler: Czech Republic
TOP 7 High Schooler: Czech Republic
3x Winner from Startup Weekend Olomouc, Prague, Ostrava