Joseph Zakher

Joseph Zakher

Sr. Product Designer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Designing user interfaces for SaaS using Figma and Framer. I have built my own design framework to help founders build and grow awesome products.



CheckYa is designed specifically for freelancers, catering to the world of small business owners. As freelancers and small business owners, we often find ourselves juggling numerous tasks, from establishing our online presence and generating leads to meeting clients and handling invoicing for timely payments. CheckYa is here to simplify your life by combining all these essential functions into one powerful tool.

Side Projects


Almin is an app for restaurants to help them build the most beautiful digital menu.


I co-founded, an e-commerce cross-platform application that aims to support Lebanese businesses by showcasing and selling their products online within a community on one platform.


Design & Dev - A Collaborative Story at Private workshop

This workshop was specifically designed to target software developers.

What they learned

  • How to comment and interact with designers efficiently

  • How to leverage the new Dev mode of Figma alongside its various integrations and hand-off tools

  • How to use your tech expertise to participate in Feature Prioritization sessions with stakeholders and designers

  • A sneak peek at how Design Thinking works



Introducing Startup UI: A Founder's Guide to Building Better Businesses with Design. This is dedicated to startup founders like you. Gather around, learn, and get inspired to build businesses that aren't just successful, but are also resilient and lovable by users. It’s more than a newsletter. I’ll be working during my free time with my design buddies on design resources such as UI kits, design systems, and maybe ebooks and courses later. I will also be consulting for selective startups for free. Share your product with me and I’ll share my thoughts and feedback, and give you a direction to take with your design.

Work Experience

2021 — 2023
2021 — 2022

Designed multiple finTech products, from roboadvisors to financial planners.

2020 — 2021
Beirut, Lebanon

I joined the design & development teams to work on MyColors, an e-commerce mobile application based on Jothen Cosmetics stores in Kuwait. I was trusted to work on the design and development of a platform that currently has more than 50K users/month.