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Creative lead with a history in crypto startups, inclusive design, & fintech.

I currently lead Kharmha Lab helping onchain builders take products and brands from 0 -> 1

Prior to Kharmha I designed DeFi & NFT products for Ethereum teams, consulted with Fortune 50 banks, & led a design team at an inclusive design startup.

Work Experience

2020 — Now

onchain studio for founders, creatives, & hobbyists

Services: Product Design, Web Dev, Brand Design

2022 — 2022

Mantle Network, created by ByBit / BitDAO, has the largest DAO treasury in Ethereum with $2.5B+ in assets. I designed:

  • Token Staking / Token Launch Platform

  • BitDAO Core Products Design System

2022 — 2022

Windranger serves the BitDAO / ByBit ecosystem of products. As the R&D lab for BitDAO, I helped them design:

  • NFT Auction House Product Design

  • P2P Lending Product Design & Design System

2019 — 2020
Design Lead at GrandPad

I led the design team @ Grandpad creating inclusive software for adults aged 75 or older. We created:

  • 6 highly accessible (ADA & beyond) tablet applications

  • 2 B2B Dashboards w/ White Label Branding

  • Content Management App

  • 2 Design Systems

2016 — 2019

Bank of America
The Urban Institute
Promontory Mortgage Services

2015 — 2016
UX/UI Designer at Launchpeer
Charleston, SC

Launchpeer was an agency serving early stage entrepreneurs. I helped three clients design the MVP of their web apps.

2014 — 2015
Founder at Bonfire Curation

I bet on human curation over algorithmic curation and created a social music app for groups. Our product was like reddit meets soundcloud meets yikyak. I led the team of 4 as we built the product and raised 2 rounds of angel funding.


Magic Money Defi Loans at Kharmha Lab
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