Mark Hendriks

Mark Hendriks

Co-founder Lightyear in Spain

6 months ago


I’m Mark, a designer who loves to solve problems with essential design.





Co-founder of Lightyear - helping developers write powerful integrations in a few lines of code.


I worked alongside the founders of Interseller for several years as the team and customer base grew. I’ve helped them to prioritise product development based on customer and business needs as Interseller handled millions of emails on a daily basis. This led to the successful acquisition by Greenhouse.

"Mark has been instrumental to the product design of Interseller, thoughtfully understanding the needs of our product and customers. Working with Mark has been a breeze and I will, in no doubt, use his skills in future endeavours." - Steven Lu, CEO of Interseller

Product Design at StartMonday

The project was to design an onboarding flow to get people from seeing the job post to applying by recording a 15-second video. The main challenge was to design a solution that would work across many languages, from Czech to Dutch. While also designing an experience that works for each individual brand, from Uber to H&M.


Side Projects


Space inspired wallpaper series at high resolution with retro colors and a subtle texture. Design source available on Figma Community.


Do what matters most. Daily Four is all about getting the important things done with minimal stress. Reflect on your past achievements whenever you need a dose of perspective.