Designer in Mexico city, Mexico

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Interface design, product strategy & front-end development. Belgian based in CDMX, Mexico 🇲🇽.



UI/UX design for Doccle, responsible for the end user experience. Tasks include visual design, user experience design, user research, marketing design for various contexts: web app, native iOS/Android app and a plugin.

Next to this, follow up on the implementation of the design system with a front -of the front-end perspective, going increasingly deep in production-ready implementation for 3M users.


For three years, helped SupplyStack with user experience and user interface design work. With my agency Mono, we served as their in-house product design team, after which they changed this to an in-house position.

During this engagement, we helped to design eight different applications using a coherent design system based on Google's Material Design.


Big software redesign project for Ticketmatic (ticketing software). Every aspect of the software was reviewed over the course of two years. Main responsibilities included user interface design, visual design and front-end development (HTML/CSS).

Ticketmatic is the leading ticketing provider in Belgium and processes millions of tickets per year.


Work Experience

2014 — 2021

Co-founder of Mono, a UX/UI design company employing a small team of designers (4-7 people). Focus on delivering great interface design and application prototypes. Product management consultancy. Design management.

Side Projects

Screenshot to Layout

Supercharge your design speed. Never re-type text from a screenshot again. Supported by Figma Creator Fund.


A simple, consistent set of icons, perfect for user interfaces.


Kana Master: an iOS app to learn the Japanese scripts hiragana and katakana.


A native macOS app to export standard-based HTML out of Keynote documents.



This is a re-upload of a talk I did near the end of Summer 2020, which is a new version of the original 2015 talk. I talk about the craft of being a UI designer.