Wojtek Witkowski

Wojtek Witkowski

Senior Design Engineer, @pugson

finally unleashing a new personal website wojtek.im

8 months ago

Building fast apps that feel like a physical extension of your mind with considerate motion design for fluid interfaces.

I’m the person who can bridge the gap between design and engineering to give your product that extra attention to detail to stand out from competitors. ✨

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Building the next-gen standard for connecting financial data.

2022 — 2023

Leading design and engineering for the Unlonely mobile app for iOS and Android using React Native, which included live streaming and live chat, TikTok-styled video feed of NFT clips from the Ethereum blockchain, push notifications, and web3 wallet support.

2022 — 2022

Building the Rainbow wallet app for iOS & Android on Ethereum with React Native.

2020 — 2022
San Diego, CA

Building the mobile + desktop web fintech Private Banking app for high net-worth individuals.

2020 — 2020

Designing & building the Shapetag Developer Platform, API docs, and marketing pages.

2018 — 2020
Brooklyn, NY

UI and interaction design, handling React + React Native + Rails development for apps and products that include:

  • advanced frame-by-frame animation tool
  • collaborative online drawing whiteboard
  • custom VOD platform
  • e-commerce live game show
  • internal animation studio pipeline
  • social networks
  • mobile game promotional sites
  • viral parodies of other services
2016 — 2018
Vancouver, BC

Created a tool to gather audio and visual feedback for user testing from live apps and websites without installing any browser extensions. Part of YC Startup School '17.

2016 — 2018

Continuing design and development support for Pinshape, working on Formlabs e-commerce & marketing website.

2015 — 2016
Vancouver, BC

Acquired by Formlabs.

2013 — 2015
UI Designer / Front-end Developer at baseklas

Creative agency supporting SMBs.



Advising on interaction design & frontend engineering architecture.


Helped design and develop parts of UI for a web3 music platform which lets artists mint their songs as NFTs.

Side Projects


Single purpose app for converting HEX colors to the P3 color space.


Look up Ethereum Name Service text records for any address and get them back in convenient JSON format. Reverse address to ENS lookup.


Fetch smart contract ABI JSON to use with wagmi in your app. Heavily cached and up to 5x faster than directly using the Etherscan API on sequential requests.


Telegram bot that expands Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Posts.cv, and Hacker News links with inline video inside groups and channels.

120,000+ monthly active users



Learn how to configure external analytics with a noscript fallback for Next.js 13 and 14 using the App Router.


Easiest method for targeting Safari with CSS in 2024.