Will Gallia

Will Gallia

Computer things in UK, he/him


I am a generalist hardware & software engineer with experience across a broad spectrum. From electronics design to embedded development to application development through to the web.


  • An accurate playback application in C++
  • A web front end in Javascript, using Vue.js
  • A Linux kernel module in C
  • A radio library in Python
  • A controller application in Javascript and node

I wrote all the software and designed a bunch of hardware to run Studio Swine's "New Spring" installation which creates bubbles filled with mist.

For the project I created:

  • A bidirectional RS584 based protocol and Arduino library for components on the system to speak to each other
  • A domain specific language and scheduler to write and run sequences of actions
  • A vue.js based front end to display realtime statistics and control various elements of the system
  • A Raspberry Pi based control unit

3D shapes made from water droplets.

I wrote all the software and designed the electronics for the system.


Side Projects


64 x 24 = 1536 seven-segment displays playing water