Warren Challenger

Warren Challenger

Freelance Designer in United Kingdom, He / Him

Available for web, eCommerce, product and brand design work plus Webflow, Framer and Shopify build.

2 years ago


I have over 10 years of experience freelancing and working alongside studios.

I’m very much a believer in MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) and not MVP. In this fast-moving and viral industry, we very often only get one chance to capture our audience, immediately giving the best impression is critical with any product. Make it enjoyable.


  • Digital Design
  • Product Design
  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • Facilitating & Workshops
  • Art Direction
  • Client and Design Management
  • Webflow


Studio Kanda



Work Experience

2019 — Now

Partnering with local businesses to give them premium branding, websites, apps and Webflow build.

2020 — 2022

Working with organisations, brands and startups from a diverse range of industries; from Fintech to publications, to luxury travel.

My role was to be the primary contact for multiple clients. I was their go-to for all communications, designs, prototyping, calls and workshops.

2019 — 2020

Taking clients from zero to complete. My role was to strategise, plan, design and prototype product ideas for both iOS and Android platforms.

2018 — 2019
Nottingham, UK

Senior Designer in a team of three. Working on first-class Magento projects. Being one of the first designers to work on a Magento PWA in partnership with Google, PayPal & Adobe.

I was responsible for workshops, facilitating, mentoring, research, design and prototypes.

2014 — 2018
Nottingham, UK

I was the lead designer and principal bridge between design and development. I was responsible for creating and managing design output. Plus front-end HTML, CSS & JS builds.

2013 — 2014
Nottingham, UK

Managing the design team and outputs across three websites including hillarys.co.uk I was also responsible for the design and build of all email marketing.

2012 — 2013
Designer at Twist Digital
Nottingham, UK
2011 — 2012
2009 — 2011
2006 — 2009

Side Projects

Four Islands

Language barriers, strange food and bizarre traditions make Japan one of the most exciting places to travel to. Four Islands aims to reveal some truths and encourage visiting.

More details soon.


Liberty Properties on .Net

Monthly design challenge from .Net Magazine



As a designer, I’ve heard this buzzword for quite some time. But how do you put storytelling into action?


The less people have to think, the more people can focus on their goal. True with most activities in life and especially important with interfaces where users patience levels are reducing year on year.


A discovery session or design sprint is just one stage of many in the process of creating a great product.


From part one you now have the smallest amount of research complete and shared. You and the attendees are ready to roll with part two.