Michal Vaško

Michal Vaško

Staff Product Designer in San Francisco

Happy and creative 2024 folks! 🫶

5 months ago


Having fun with strategy, design and helping people along the way :) I love design, AI, ice hockey, drones, music making on OP-1 and Mila wafers.



Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Staff Product Designer at Meta
San Francisco

Driving 0-1 design & product initiatives to shape up innovative work streams to empower discovery, adoption and awareness experiences within FB Groups. Close partnerships alongside XFN teams leveraging data, research and AI to implement user-centered design approaches to deliver efficient and delightful solutions.

2021 — 2022
San Francisco, CA

Leading design community incubator efforts, focusing on personal growth and group challenges products.

2018 — 2021
Menlo Park, CA

Shipped variety of a net new features helping people to discover, buy and sell products on Facebook Marketplace.

Was part of the team to lead several major 0-1 projects like Facebook Shops for people to discover products and brands they like leveraging existing Facebook & IG ecosystems.

2017 — 2018
San Francisco, CA

Leading an amazing team of 8 designers to innovate, scale and deliver attractive and valuable product solutions for one of the Linkedin's B2B flagship products for sales and business professional, LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

2015 — 2017
Sunnyvale, California
2011 — 2013
London, UK

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2020 — Now

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