Vu Minh Hieu

Vu Minh Hieu

Web & Product designer in Prague

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3 months ago


Web & Product designer. Boba tea co-founder/connoisseur. Photography lover and muay thai fighter.





Created brand and visual design system for the biggest crypto prop firm. Lead a brand new design of the website and unified it by introducing visual design system that aligns seamlessly with the company’s brand identity.


As a co-founder of MatMat Boba Tea, I have embraced my role as a digital designer, channeling my passion for creative and digital aesthetics into building 2 branches. While I haven't been directly involved in the creation of our boba tea recipes, my contribution was in creative outputs and collaborating in creation of the visual identity of our brand (made by @thatannasun)


I improved the platform by designing and exploring new features and helping team to boost user adoption across both mobile and web interfaces. I focused on developing and testing the flows and design of dashboard applications for DSRs/operators and vendors.


Led a rebranding initiative for #HolkyzMarketingu, the largest marketing community in the Czech Republice. Responsible for designing a user-friendly website that enhances educational outreach, job placement, and networking.


My role involved refactoring the product design system and ensuring visual consistency across all components and features in the innovative visual style.


I helped develop a Figma web design system. My work included creating detailed design specifications, responsive designs, and carrying out various A/B/C tests for user growth. I worked closely with developers to make sure our designs were accurately turned into code, strengthening the link between designers and developers.

Side Projects


I pursued professional photography as a rewarding side job. This experience not only helped my visual and aesthetic skills but also provided unique opportunities to connect with a diverse individuals across different industries, including business, sports, and fashion. These interactions have been a rich source of creative inspiration, enhancing my skills in design thinking and execution.

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