Tyrel Souza

Tyrel Souza

Software Engineer in Chapel Hill, NC, he/his

Software Engineer, private pilot, cyclist



Helped kickstart our external facing Tidelift CLI for clients to use and saw development to – and through – stable 1.0.0 launch.

Written in GoLang, communicates with Tidelift.com so clients can use our features inside their own CI/CD systems, as well as developers using features from their own command lines.

[I concluded development when employment with Tidelift ended, project is still maintained!]

Side Projects


A Django Project

Database backed file storage for when functional testing uploads to S3 (etc) and you don't want to be charged for every actual file storage operation on S3, use this and it will [production-anti-pattern] write to your test database a blob instead.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
2018 — 2021
Boston, MA

Open Source Dependency management company.

2015 — 2018
Cambridge, MA

Biotech that sells Plasmids and Viruses for research.

2014 — 2015
Cambridge, MA

Giant technology company, I worked in a small Technology Marketing department for a contract.

2012 — 2014
Quincy, MA

Marketing company owned by Gatehouse Media. Sold a CMS product. Now known as "ThriveHive"

2010 — 2012
Peterborough, NH

Consulting firm that built custom Django websites for client. Also part of another "ASI" company Auric Systems International which specialized in tokenizing payment details. PCI Compliant.


2019 — 2019
Amateur Radio Operator at Boston Athletic Association
Boston, MA

Amateur Radio Operator volunteer for 2019 Boston Marathon medical tent.


Keene, NH

Bachelors of Applied Computer Science
Minor of a Mathematics Degree
Computer Science Honor Society
Mathematics Honor Society
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