Toni Pareja

Toni Pareja

Product designer in Barcelona / Remote, he/him/his

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Designing a subscription experience for Nespresso users, including streamlining the process for making recurring purchases and enhancing the ability to edit existing recurring orders.

Collaborating with the development team to create and implement a new design system utilising Storybook. In addition, I provided support throughout the implementation of this design system in the private sections of the company's website.

2021 — 2022

Iterating on the design of a web and mobile app for an automotive product that involves capturing photos of vehicles and using AI to assess their condition. The target users for this product are within the automotive insurance sector.

Updating, enhancing, and evaluating design system components. Revising the design system to align with the company's updated brand style guidelines.

Conducting user research by engaging with users in their work environment. Carrying out qualitative interviews to gather information on their usage of the software.

2019 — 2021
Product Designer / UX Designer at Freelance
Munich, Germany

Designing and developing websites for small and medium sized business, including creating wireframes, prototypes, user flows, and sitemaps.

Side Projects


Web design and email automation for a side project in which we help designers improve their web design skills through a 30-day challenge that involves designing hero sections for websites.


During COVID in 2020, I wanted to create a digital menu for restaurants that is interactive and invites the user to feel comfortable viewing the restaurant’s menu through their mobile. Besides, it can be accessed without having contact with another person and is easily shared.


2019 — 2020

Human computer interaction

UX Design

Interaction Design

User Research

2016 — 2017
M.S. in strategic Marketing and Sales at UB University of Barcelona
2008 — 2013
Business Management and Administration at Business University of Seville