Abner Rodrigues

Abner Rodrigues

Expert Web Developer in Brazil, He/him


A creative front-end engineer with a passion for crafting visually stunning interactive web experiences. Specializing in translating design concepts into efficient and elegant user interfaces, with a keen eye for detail and a focus on user-centric design principle.

  • Front-End Development: React, Svelte, Astro, Next.js, Remix, Qwik

  • Styling: Tailwind CSS, Responsive Design, Animations

  • Additional Skills: User Experience, Accessibility, Documentation

  • Tools: TypeScript, Node.js, SQLite

  • Languages: Proficient in English and Portuguese


  • Define project scope and objectives.

  • Coordinate between team members and stakeholders.

  • Ensure project is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Monitor project progress and resolve any issues that arise.

  • Implement CMS integration to allow easy management of website content by Leonardo Nutrition staff.

  • Develop the Testimonials section, ensuring it aligns with the site's overall design and user experience.

  • Implement social login feature to facilitate easy submission of testimonials by clients via their social media accounts.

  • Ensure website security, especially in handling user data through social login.

Astromart at Kmee
  • Lead the development of a state-of-the-art e-commerce website leveraging the power of Astro, renowned for its ultra-fast performance and optimized delivery of modern web experiences.

  • Engineered a robust front-end architecture using React in conjunction with TypeScript, enabling dynamic user interfaces with strong type-checking, ensuring maintainability and scalability.

  • Architected and implemented a custom fetch and ElasticSearch modules to establish a seamless integration between the client-facing interface and the Odoo back-end, facilitating data fetching and operational efficiency.

  • Utilized Uno CSS (similar to Tailwind CSS) for crafting a responsive and visually cohesive design system, accelerating the development process and ensuring consistency across various components and layouts.

  • Optimized site performance to achieve superior loading times and an engaging user experience, resulting in a significant increase in customer retention and conversion rates.

  • Collaborated closely with the back-end team to ensure API contracts were well-defined and leveraged the full capabilities of Odoo's ORM, providing a smooth data flow and transaction handling.

Kobraza website at Kobraza

Kobraza is a brazilian real estate company based in Bahia. This project involved React and server side rendering with Next.js, styled-components and integration with a custom back-end server.

  • Crafted a newsletters and resume database for their employees and hiring team

  • Implemented a blazing fast search feature for finding real estate

  • Worked closely on the website design with a freelance designer



How Astro's innovative approach to static site generation and component-based architecture can significantly accelerate website development, offering a seamless path to faster, more efficient web experiences.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
2021 — 2023

Kmee is a tech consulting firm founded in 2012, specializing in ERP and open-source IT infrastructure, also offering a CRM solution and is an Odoo partner.

  1. Worked closely on KDS Wahalla with the team from SouthRock Labs to create their kitchen display system for TGI Fridays, elevating restaurant efficiency.

  2. Crafted a high-performance e-commerce website using Astro, React and TypeScript on the front-end and a module for seamlessly integrating with the Odoo back-end

2022 — 2023

Clever Advertising is a global digital performance agency founded in 2007, based in Porto, Portugal. They focus on customer acquisition for the online gaming industry and other sectors, offering services like online advertising, traffic management, digital marketing, media buying, and SEO. They work with a high volume of online advertising, boasting 600 million monthly impressions.

  1. Worked in a major refactor of the front-end codebase from PHP with Phalcon to React, as well as managed the development of a reusable component library using React, Typescript and Storybook for documentation.

  2. Contributed in collaboration to designers to improve the accessibility, animations and styles of the design system as it was developed.

  3. Revamped user experience and accessibility across key client projects, leading to enhanced user engagement.

  4. Pioneered the adoption of comprehensive documentation practices to streamline the development process.


2020 — 2022
Salvador, Bahia

InfoJr UFBA aims to enhance academic experience through entrepreneurial activities, developing technological solutions. They organize SEMCOMP, a major tech event in Bahia since 2012, fostering inclusion, innovation, and digital entrepreneurship.

  1. Worked as a developer in multiple React and TypeScript projects

  2. Worked in training new team members in both the company’s tech and specific projects alike

  3. Worked as a tech lead, doing code reviews, choosing tech and solving any issues in production

  4. Spearheaded the enhancement of internal tools and client-facing projects with Next.js, boosting operational efficiency.


2015 — 2019
Santo Amaro
  • Formation on computer science, networks, algorithms, database management and HTML and CSS.

    • Developed a comprehensive web application using React and Adonis, showcasing proficiency in full-stack development as my final paper (TCC)



A course focused on learning a distilled mental model of how JavaScript works and a collaboration of Dan Abramov with Maggie Appleton.

Complete React Developer in 2021 from Udemy

A course focused on learning everything on the React ecosystem in order to create enterprise level applications.


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