Tanishq Kancharla

Tanishq Kancharla

Software engineer, He/him

Looking for opportunities as a frontend developer where I can help create beautiful, fun, and accessible interfaces!

10 months ago


Hey! I'm Tanishq, a frontend dev who's interested in using design and software to construct delightful and accessible user interfaces. I am proficient in React and Typescript, and I have experience with design systems and accessibility practices.




2017 — Now
Bachelor of Science in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

At CMU, I majored in Physics with an additional major in Computer Science.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Freelancer at N/A

Working with Chet Corcos from Notion on a full-stack project.

2021 — 2021

Built the replica page (replica.bit.io) and mobile landing page (bit.io) in Tailwind and React. Also worked on rebuilding the main dashboard in Tailwind, React, and Zustand.

2020 — 2020
🎥 Software Engineering Intern at ASML

As a data scientist/software engineering intern at ASML, I worked with another intern to create a Tensorflow model to automate a tedious human process in their workflow. Our project saved nearly 1000 man-hours per year for engineers.

2019 — 2019
🦖 Data Science Intern at Fortive
Pittsburgh, PA

As a data science intern at Fortive, I worked on various projects with Fortive's operating companies. The projects mostly involved understanding and cleaning data, realizing key insights and creating visualizations, and communicating strategies for companies. Additionally, I developed comprehensive educational Python resources for corporate leaders who wanted to perform their own analyses.


🦋 Object Detection at ASML

At ASML, my keystone project was an object detection program using Tensorflow. It detects imperfections in semiconductor wafers, replacing a time-consuming process for ASML and saving over a thousand man-hours every year.

🐛 Fuzzy String Interpreter at Fortive

At Fortive, my keystone project used artificial intelligence to parse and aggregate data about human written inputs.

Side Projects


Gem is a light-weight, performant, and minimal editor designed to be aesthetic and fun. It's built with Prosemirror, and open source.


My personal website, built in Next.js. I use a custom-built parser for a markdown-like DSL that I use for my blog posts.


A Discord bot to process Nushell commands. This was made for the Nushell Discord guild. The server is built entirely in Rust.


AutocompleteView is a SwiftUI view that provides automatic completions as a user types in text field.

It’s built on SwiftUI, and the codebase is pretty small so you can quickly go through and learn how it works. Since it’s so small, it’s not extremely flexible or fast.


The NASA Web API is a simple program created by me on my website designed to let the user search the NASA media database, learn more about them, and favorite media they like in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This project was done as a submission to the Capital One Software Engineering Summit.


A small Pokemon Horoscope Widget. Adding this app as a widget shows you a different random Pokemon every day, kind of like a horoscope. It's not completely finished but the core idea is implemented and it just needs some polishing at this point.


Notion slides is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to navigate Notion databases in a slide show.