Timo E

Timo E

Product Designer in Germany, He


I'm a Product designer. Specialized in making complicated things easy to use & pretty.


Trudesk Ticketing at Trudesk

A ticketing software with extensive labelling and tagging systems needed to be fitted for mobile porpuses. As a consultant i helped create a UI/UX concept for this software.

Portview at Maersk

Port agents have a lot of logistical challenges that they have to do on a outdated Desktop application. To be mobile and fast in response a concept for a mobile application was necessary. I worked as a UI consultant on that mobile application for Maerk.

Melitta ERA app at Melitta

The ERA coffemachine has a companion application that caters to recepies for coffee making. A shop and personal recepie section was needed. I worked as a UX/UI consultant to merge these challenging concepts the best and prettiest way possible.


Certified Product Owner from Scrum alliance