Tim Cheadle

Tim Cheadle


Full stack engineering and product leader focused on nurturing teams that help solve human problems.



I founded and lead engineering on this open source project to support large-scale hypertension programs around the globe.



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The Simple.org project won "Best in Show" at the IxD annual conference in Milan.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

I lead Shopify Shipping, where we make it easy for millions of merchants of all sizes to deliver orders to their customers. I work directly with design and product management to set strategy and outcomes for the four engineering teams responsible for building shipping tools.

2018 — 2022
New York / India

Hired and led the global tech team building Simple.org, a fast and free app to record patient blood pressures and track their care. In less than three years, we registered over 1.5 million patients in India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, and piloted software in Nigeria. Our offline-first Android and Ruby on Rails app is deployed in thousands of clinics and records follow up patient visits in under 20 seconds.

2016 — 2018
New York

Led the fully remote Infrastructure team responsible for GA's website, inventory management, payments, accounts and authorization, APIs, and marketing automation. Our team built GA's first public API, delivering over $3 million in revenue in under six months.

2011 — 2018
Founder at Rational Means

Founded and led a boutique web engineering and design agency, focused on startups and medium- sized businesses. We designed and built tools that help companies grow their business, from custom Shopify storefronts to fully in-house Ruby on Rails apps that powered marketplaces and internal tools.

2013 — 2014
CTO at Umba
Las Vegas

Built the entire tech infrastructure for Umba to manage marketing, storefronts, and fulfillment. Funded by 500 Startups, Umba curated and sold handmade goods from around the world. Our Shopify storefronts were some of the first to support subscriptions by integrating with Chargify.

2009 — 2010
Mountain View

First internal hire at Google for the fleet management team. We were responsible for capacity planning, financial analysis, and logistics for building, deploying, and decommissioning machines in Google’s datacenters.

2005 — 2009
Mountain View

Tech lead/manager for a team of nine split across San Francisco and Ireland. We managed operations and capacity planning for Google’s primary software infrastructure, such as distributed file systems (GFS) and job scheduling (Borg).

2000 — 2005
Systems Programmer at AOL

Developed software to manage the operations of the world's largest ISP, including AOL’s web cache, backbone network, and audio/video streaming services (ShoutCast, Spinner, and more).


2015 — 2019

Coordinated and hosted speaking events and fundraising campaigns to support all of the library's community outreach efforts.