Thibault Bain

Thibault Bain

Digital Designer in Sydney, Australia

I'm a Senior Digital Designer currently over at Akcelo.

I specialise in designing and creating digital experiences that acquire, engage, and retain consumers across B2C and B2B markets.

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Investor Portal Re-Design - Prototype & Case Study
MONEYME x Surf Dive 'n' Ski Co-Branding Campaign
SocietyOne Banking App - UX/UI Case Study

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Sydney, Australia
2022 — 2023
Sydney, Australia
  • Collaborate with product, marketing, and engineering teams to create industry-leading products and experiences online.
  • Refine and design landing pages based on user testing and behaviour to improve user experience and conversion rates.
  • Created a robust design system that streamlined the design process and provided a more consistent UX across digital products, leading to higher user satisfaction.
  • Re-designed and optimised digital products, including the investor dashboard, personal loan forms and blog portal.
  • Conceptualised campaigns and created digital marketing assets for successful brand partnerships to effectively promote products in order to reach new audiences.
2020 — 2022
Sydney, Australia
  • Lead designer for the SocietyOne brand
  • Created the new brand redesign, including a new style guide based on in-depth market and user research, utilising methods such as user interviews and personas to inform design decisions.
  • Designed and built the new company website, leading to a significant increase in speed, performance and user satisfaction.
  • Designed the new SocietyOne banking app with a strong focus on user needs and pain points, collaborating with product managers and developers to launch on iOS and Android.
  • Re-designed and optimised digital products, including the broker platform, personal loan customer journey & credit score dashboard, incorporating user feedback for enhanced user experience.
2018 — 2022
Freelance Designer at Bain Digital
Sydney, Australia
  • Work with clients predominantly in the tech industry, designing and building digital products that improve user experience, online presence, and conversion rates.
  • Designed and built over 50 responsive websites to date, consistently incorporating iterative design processes to ensure optimal user experience.
  • Utilise UX methodologies such as user journey mapping, wireframing, and prototyping to create user-centered designs.
  • Create and refresh client’s branding, including strategy, logo design, identity, and brand guidelines, informed by user research and feedback.
2020 — 2022
Sydney, Australia
  • Lead design for the new Email Academy brand and logo
  • Designed and built email templates, published on the Campaign Monitor marketplace for all users.
  • Redesigned the Vuture website, including wireframes and prototypes.
2016 — 2022
London UK
  • Designed and developed the company’s branding and website, including the launch of an e-commerce shop for merchandise.
  • Provide my expertise in branding and digital marketing to help build World Chase Tag into a global sports brand.
2012 — 2015