Thiago Arruda

Thiago Arruda

Software Developer in Brasília, Brazil

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Berlin, Germany (Remote)

Contributed to a major refactoring effort of the customer data structures, with minimal downtime and negative impact on the business, eliminating crucial tech debt that was causing operational pain and holding back the company from expanding.

As part of the company effort to decouple systems, we've extracted the payment & invoicing domain from the core monolith system, resulting in increased team autonomy, more frequent deployments, less coupling between domains, reduced cognitive load and faster development speed.

Was part of a task-force assembled to solve critical performance issues that were affecting the core system as demand increased during peak hours. As part of this effort we've refactored a core business process to avoid expensive database locks in the critical path, optimized the most frequently used and most expensive database queries and implemented a caching layer in order to reduce load on the database.

2020 — Now
Brasília, Brazil

Co-founded HasTI with 3 other developers and a domain expert, and we've just released our first project, Psiquê!

I'm working as a full-stack developer, and also handling CI/CD and infrastructure on AWS.

Tech stack: Node.js, React, React Native, PostgreSQL.

2012 — 2022
Brasília, Brazil

Was the tech lead on the internal integration framework used by hundreds of developers and applications across the company. I was on the team since the beginning of the project, helped design the API and implemented many of the features from the ground up.

In 2022, the framework handled over 1 million requests/minute during peak hours, and was constantly being evolved to support new technologies, as well as handle the increasing volume of service requests. Some of the last projects I've worked on include:

  • High performance caching solution that can be enabled on a per-service basis, without any changes to the application code. In 2022, it handled over 600k requests/minute at peak and helped reduce mainframe load by over 20%.

  • High-throughput, self-monitoring load balancing solution on the messaging layer. It has majorly improved reliability, response times and reduced mainframe costs.

Main responsibilities:

  • Lead the development of new features, refactoring, mentoring and code reviews
  • Assist developers using the framework: tools, documentation, best practices, system design and architecture
  • Work closely with operations to seamlessly deploy new versions of the framework, monitor usage patterns and help diagnose and prevent problems



Psiquê is a tool to aid therapists working with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It has apps for both Android and iOS, and is also available as a web app.


2005 — 2009