Patrick Lindsay

Patrick Lindsay

Software Engineer in Florence, AL, he/him/his


Patrick is a bookworm, musician, sandwich enthusiast and software engineer based in Florence, AL.

Work Experience

2021 — 2022

In addition to feature development and bug-fixing, my primary focus at OpenGov has been to help lead efforts to increase the maturity of the Citizen Services team's Ember codebase (2 apps, 8 addons).

I spearheaded efforts to upgrade these projects from v2.16 to v3.24, helped to increase our test coverage across the codebase and introduced new coding standards to help the team write cleaner, more idiomatic Ember code. I hold a weekly "office hours" to mentor the team on Ember and JavaScript, and have given "lunch and learn" style talks on Ember concepts.

I also acted as technical lead on a longer-term effort to migrate from Ember to React, helping the team to plan and scope the project.

2019 — 2021

At DockYard, I'm responsible for delivering high-quality, well-tested frontend applications for our clients. I've worked with clients in a solo and team-based capacity, and led engagements, ensuring that both DockYard and client team-members are aligned and productive.

I've built public-facing developer APIs written in TypeScript, delivered framework-agnostic web components with Stencil.js and and worked on Ember.js applications with millions of daily users across the globe.

2017 — 2019
Florence, AL

I led and managed a team of 6 at PartCycle. I was responsible for overseeing feature development and infrastructure and ensuring that the team delivered reliable, performant software on a regular basis. I was also part of the company's steering committee and advised the company on strategy decisions.

As an engineer, I was responsible for architecting and implementing complex Ember.js applications, as well as providing occasional back-end support for the Ruby on Rails API.

2013 — 2017
Florence, AL

At Billy Reid I was the only in-house developer. I led the charge on fixing bugs, designing and implementing new features, and keeping infrastructure running smoothly. I also oversaw the transition from a PHP-based solution to one built on top of Ruby on Rails.

Side Projects


React Riffs exposes several hooks for use with the WebMIDI API.


The Low-down on PWAs at Women Who Code

Lisa Backer and I collaborated on a webinar on the basics of Progressive Web Apps and why you might want one. The talk was presented as part of Women Who Code's guest speaker series for their Front End Track.

Asheville, NC

A crash course on using WebGL, ThreeJS and GLSL to produce generative artworks.



A look at the what, how, and why of writing custom Hooks in React.


An examination of the benefits intimate events can offer attendees including valuable engagement with thought leaders and a focus on community.