Yoloo Tech

Yoloo Tech

London, GB
Elevate one another
Seek the truth
Build in public
Metrics over intuition
Treat people right

What is your team mission?

YOLOO is a tech company focused on creative, innovative solutions.
Our team comprises seasoned industry professionals passionate about making a difference by building new products that help people do things they couldn't do before.

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What values does your team share?

We strive to build high-quality products that are easy to use and positively impact people's lives.

We're also committed to being a great place for our team members to work, where people feel valued and inspired by the work they do every day.
We believe that a culture of innovation is created through passion, free-thinking and collaboration.

We care about climate preservation and animal welfare, which is why we donate a percentage of our revenue (all Yoloo products) to help fight global warming.
In the future, we plan on creating a zoo or other animal sanctuary ourselves—a place where endangered species can be protected from extinction.

What is the product you’re building?