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WorkOS is a developer platform that helps make apps enterprise-ready. We build tools and services for developers to help them implement features like Single Sign-On, Directory Sync, Multi-Factor Auth, and Audit Logs. We're a fully-distributed team with employees across US and EU time zones. We're well-funded, having recently raised an $80M Series B. Customers include Webflow, Vercel, PlanetScale, Loom, Airbase, and many more of today’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

The growing design team at WorkOS is a small, but mighty globally distributed group. Comprised of high impact product designers and builders, we create complex and dense user interfaces for developer tools and SaaS products. We think in systems, are passionate about developer experience, and believe in making strategic decisions informed by customer feedback.

We come together with the rest of the WorkOS crew every Friday and share what we’ve been working on, chat about what’s next, and start the weekend off right with some tunes.

What are your team rituals?

Every Monday, the designers spend time discussing work in progress and plans for the week. Throughout the week we publish internal demos, mockups, and prototypes for asynchronous feedback in Slack. Every Thursday, project teams (comprised of engineers and design) present work-in-progress to product leadership for more in-depth higher-level conversation. We believe in tight feedback loops and constant iteration.

We pour over the details not just of how a design looks or behaves, but also how it is built and who is building it. Multiple times per week we ship updates to the components in our design system, WorkDS, which is designed and maintained by our design team and used across our product surfaces.

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