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Open roles

Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote
Kaelan Richards

Introduce us to your team

Co-founder & CEO
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher
Machine Learning Research Engineer
Kaelan Richards
Kaelan Richards
Co-founder & CTO
Veljko Tornjanski
Veljko Tornjanski
Full Stack / Web Engineer

What is the product you’re building?

We are building web-based AI tools that accelerate the creative development process for professional artists and designers.

What does your stack look like?

Web + Machine Learning ♥


  • Typescript

  • React

  • Canvas

  • NX

  • Node

  • Nest.js

  • Prisma

  • Python

  • MySQL

🤖Machine Learning

  • Pytorch

  • Generative Models (Image to Image Translation and 3D Object Reconstruction)

  • Inference: FastAPI, EC2

  • Train locally

  • Graph Neural Networks

What problem are you solving?

Remove the technical hurdles from the 3D creative process

What is your team mission?

Shorten the distance between having an idea and bringing it to life.

Should designers code?

Not a requirement but highly highly recommended and major plus 😉

How do we contact you?

Join Our Discord and message the team Directly :


Email the founders :

Jordan :

Kaelan :

What’s a particularly hard bug that your team solved?

Chamfer Distance Loss convergence when it comes to the reconstruction of a 3D object.

Optimal ML model deployment.

Building a native feeling drawing application on the web.

Share the last meme from the team chat

What design tools do you use day to day?