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Copenhagen, DKLyon, FR
Bias towards action
Work/life balance
Delight customers
Create delight

Introduce us to your team

VSN is an aesthetically inclined platform for natural wine, design, and collaborations. Today, VSN runs a physi-cal store, a members club, makes merchandise, and works with wine makers, designers, and creatives in bridging their respective fields of expertise. In this way, VSN is quickly becoming an unconventional but indispensable resource for both natural wine lovers and novices.

Our newest endeavor is Domaine VSN. A drinks company making natural wine and exploring the potential for expan-sion in the field. Domaine VSN are collaborations between select wine producers and VSN.

What values does your team share?

We pride ourselves on being different from the rest, and we are always courageous in our efforts to make natural wine accessible to more people.

We apply a creative mindset to our endeavors, working with designers, artists, and creatives to challenge the status quoand create value for our consumers and employees.

We practice inclusion by listening to and developing commu-nities. We seek out different people with different perspectives to engage in diverse collaborations.

We strive to build a responsible company. Getting our B-corp certification is a big step, and a great example of ourcontinuous efforts to do better.

What is your team mission?

We are an international brand, and even though we hail from Copenhagen, we have never confined ourselves to our home turf. We have always aimed abroad, and this is where we are still going.

With Recreation, Vraiment, Domaine VSN and Vinsupernaturel, we are becoming what we set out to be: An Entertainment Company Powered by Natural Wine.

Partnerships and collaborations are key for us, and with plenty coming up, like a capsule with our friends from PAL in Amsterdam, the cargo bike with Omnium in Copenhagen and some still to be revealed, we are looking for new opportunities. As we expand, naturally our collabs will follow (and sometimes lead).

It should be evident from our many collabs and wine projects that art and design are essential ingredients in our universe. From design-driven projects like our indoor multifaceted basketball court with BAM Berlin to our unique labels made in collaboration with artists and designers for our wines, we strive to make projects that stand out. Our incredible in-house creative studio sets the tone for everything we do.

We are motivated by the good story, and most of our projects are driven by it. From cargo bikes to basketball courts to unique labels, there’s always a story in everything we do. Often, the story comes first, and the project follows.