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Employee equity
Competitive salary
Dancho Lili
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Dancho Lili

[untitled] is building the best place to listen, organize, and share unreleased music.

We are building an incredible set of tools for the next generation of musicians. For far too long, musicians have been neglected with the tools that are available for them in their creative process. The current tools are too finicky to use, or not inspiring. We’re here to change that.

[Awesome stats/facts about us]

  • We’ve raised $4.6MM from General Catalyst, Shine VC, Packy McCormick, and notable angels.

  • We launched publicly on the app store on Aug 2nd, 2023

  • We currently have 100k+ users, only 6 months after launch

  • Our product is beloved by your favorite artists and producers globally

  • We’re building the next great music company focused on craft & performant software

  • We made this ad (shot on an iPhone) which showcaseds[untitled] being used by some of our favorite musicians and producers – in addition to their own artist projects, they’ve collectively worked with artists such as Charlie XCX, Solange, Frank Ocean, Caroline Polachek, Willow Smith and Kevin Abstract.

[We care deeply about craft]

No music startup places as much importance on craft as we do. As one of the core designers on the team, you will dream up features, invent interfaces, and compose interactions that have never been used.

We aren’t here to use frameworks and design systems that already exist. We are here to dream up toys that musicians will be inspired to use.

[What will you be doing]

You will be collaborating with our world-class engineering team that thrives on the challenge of implementing the most complex interfaces.

  • An iOS engineer previously at Los Feliz Engineering who worked on Honk and Family.

  • A web engineer previously at Schoooool and Muze who can implement and tinker with your designs faster than you can grab your morning coffee.

  • Supported by senior engineering advisors/consultants from Stripe, The Browser Company,, Meta, Soundcloud, and GitHub.

In terms of dreaming up features, you will be ideating and designing a:

  • Tool that allows vocal recordings on top of instrumentals

  • Notepad that automatically suggests rhymes and rhyme schemes

  • Mobile DAW that utilizes AI features like Stem Splitting, automatic chord detection, and a drum pad.

In terms of your role, you will be:

  • Shipping everything you design

  • Leading vision meetings and design reviews

  • Become a design partner for the engineering team across all of our product surface areas

  • Be involved in product discussions about the roadmap

  • Be a taste maker for the company, the product, and the brand.

[Your application]

We are focused on someone who can dream up interfaces and have the skills to back up those dreams. As such, your application will begin with an email to and attached will be 3-5 prototypes or your portfolio of your most innovative work. We also appreciate any music links if you make music.

We are a Brooklyn based company and are looking for applicants who can commute to the office. Even if you feel under-qualified we recommend applying.

[Recruiting process]

In full transparency, here is what you can expect:

  1. A phone call to get to know each other after reviewing your application

  2. A design challenge to see how you collaborate. (don’t worry, we will give you a prompt for a feature we already designed and implemented to give you peace of mind)

  3. A final in person interview with the rest of the team to see how you vibe


We want to be as flexible and accommodating to your needs when it comes to compensation. That being said, every candidate approved will receive two options for their offer to start:

  1. An equity optimized offer with lower salary

  2. A salary optimized offer with lower equity

*Candidates can choose either option or anywhere in between.

Actual compensation will vary on skills, experience, and which offer each candidate selects.


We give every employee:

  • MacBook Pro M2

  • Comprehensive medical and dental premiums

  • Our fantastic office at 67 West St in Greenpoint where:

    • We have an in-house music studio with studio monitors, mics, instruments, and vibes that you can use any time

    • We have access to a plethora of food options in the area so you’ll never have to eat the same lunch for weeks at a time

    • We host monthly events with our music community