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What is the product you’re building?

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience and benefits of the cloud, without giving up the ownership and control of their data.

To achieve our vision, we're building a new kind of operating system for running a server in your home. So instead of paying ransoms for storing your own data on someone else's computer and having it auctioned off to advertisers — you can easily spin up your own server and self-host all of your data and services yourself.

What is the master plan?

Repeat history. At scale. Once again.

The personal computer revolution shifted computing from rooms full of computers (mainframes) to personal computers. The personal server revolution will shift computing from rooms full of servers (data centers) to personal servers.

We believe that over this decade, personal servers will become as ubiquitous as the internet routers today. And our goal is to power this shift by making an incredibly simple yet powerful operating system for running them.

If you join us, you’ll be among the first ten team members and your work will have a direct impact on shaping Umbrel’s future.

What does your stack look like?

~90% of our source code is written in JavaScript, ~8% is in Shell, and the remaining ~2% is in Python. We leverage Docker and Docker Compose heavily in Umbrel (for our app framework). You can view our source code on our GitHub (we'll migrate to a monorepo soon):